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If Twitch is your favorite platform, and you enjoy creating stream content, you should consider turning it into your business. Although this is a wildly popular network, gaining followers on Twitch can be tricky, and you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. You’ve probably already heard that some users purchase followers, so you’re wondering, “Can you buy Twitch followers?” We definitely don’t recommend you buy any followers, because there are much better ways that can bring you real engagement.
However, you shouldn’t enter the matter innocently since there are so many different sites, and not all of them will deliver what you expect. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of having many followers, how to gain them, and share additional simple tricks to grow your numbers. 

Should One Buy Twitch Followers or Invest in Promotion?

Twitch works like any other social media platform, meaning that the success of your channel is tightly connected with the number of followers. However, these should be real people, not fake followers. So do not buy followers, instead grow your fan base! When your numbers are high, you’ll get more streams, higher engagement, and bigger chances to monetize your streaming content. Here are the most important reasons why you should consider investing in the promotion of your account.

  1. Organic Twitch growth doesn’t come overnight, but, real followers are worth it. It takes quite a while to evolve a real following made of active users that will engage with your content. Buying followers means taking a shortcut, and it is against the platform’s terms and policies.
  2. Another huge benefit is the higher credibility of organic followers. When other users see how many followers your Twitch channel has, they’ll know you’re the real deal. If you’re struggling to get more followers and with your social media engagement, getting help from professionals is an excellent first step. 
  3. Bigger visibility! Yes, your Twitch profile becomes more and more visible for others when it has a higher following count. This benefit is tightly connected to the previous one. When users visit your profile and see that others follow you, they find you credible, and the chances are they’ll start following you too. 
  4. Having more organic Twitch followers will increase your social proof. This phenomenon means that you’ll influence more people, and you’ll grow your brand much faster. In addition, Twitch streamers have many ways to earn from the platform and even outside of it, therefore building a business is much easier with a massive following. 
  5. The obvious benefit of using high-quality marketing services is that you’ll grow much faster! In other words, your existing numbers can easily influence real viewers, so when they notice that you’re growing, they’ll want to join the ride as well. 
  6. Monetize your channel. The social media marketing industry is an ever-growing field, and there’s an earning opportunity for everyone. The more you grow, the more relevant you’ll be, and more businesses and companies will want to collaborate with you. 

What Happens When You Buy Twitch Followers?

Is it illegal to buy Twitch followers? It is not illegal but purchasing fake viewers and followers is against Twitch rules; therefore, violating these rules can have repercussions. If representatives notice that you have bots on Twitch, you risk being banned from the platform. 

This is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, and they’re so successful in what they do for a reason. The only acceptable choice is a reputable service with thousands of positive reviews that helps you gain Twitch followers. Since Twitch can be an excellent earning and business opportunity, you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste just because you decided to purchase fake followers.
And real followers will immediately boost your Twitch engagement, bring you even more new followers, and increase your chances of making more money

What Are The Harms Of Buying Fake Followers And How To Ensure Organic Growth?

Yes, producing quality content is one of the most critical factors for online growth. But, unfortunately, it’s not always a guarantee that it will up your Twitch performance fast. This is one of the reasons many channel owners rush to buy followers and end up being scammed and flooded with fake accounts. As we mentioned, this puts you at risk of being banned by the platform and all your hard work going to waste. These are the potential harms to your profile if you invest in a service that doesn’t use an organic method:

  • Lose your work: Twitch is a serious streaming platform that takes action against fake following. They carefully monitor follow-botting and view-botting, so if they notice illegal activity on your account, they have the right to ban you from the platform. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll lose all the real followers that actually love what you do and all the work you put into building a brand. 
  • Lose your reputation: Building a reputation is one of the most challenging steps, regardless of which social networks you use. Once people start trusting you, you should do your best to create even higher-quality content and grow organically. 
  • Have to build a channel from scratch: if you get banned, it will take months or even years to get back to where you were. Unfortunately, the promise of instant delivery by scammer sites can take you back to the start. And, what’s even more important is that the people who followed you or subscribed before might not trust you again. 

How can you recognize high-quality followers? First of all, these are real people, with real profile pictures, followers, following, and content. Fake bots usually don’t have profile pictures or followers. Most fake accounts also use stock photos as a profile image, and that’s another pointer to know you’re not dealing with an organic following. 

Next, real people have a short bio included and their own posts. If they’re not active on the platform, they won’t engage with your content. Finally, you should also look for a natural delivery, and not fast results. Real accounts won’t come right away, but it will be a steady flow. 

So how can you stay safe from fake Twitch viewers and followers? What should you look for in a service that offers to grow your social media accounts? Don’t let quick delivery and affordable prices fool you; there are many other factors to help you recognize a legit, reputable site:

Customer Support Team At Your Disposal

A reputable site will have excellent customer support you can contact at any time. Most legit sites for organic growth also include an account manager and a team at your disposal. This is one of the first signs of dealing with a real company and not someone who will scam you for money. If their customer support service is via various networks like Viber, email, WhatsApp, that’s even better. 

Information About The Service

Serious companies will invest money and time in creating a presentable website. When you visit it, you’ll see that there’s plenty of information about the service, how they started, what they offer, the type of exposure you’ll get, how they do what they do. There will also be testimonials from real customers who’ve previously used their services. You should also check the section about prices because reputable services have listed their pricing. You should never rush towards the lowest prices; instead, you should look for quality, even if you have to pay a little more. 

High Retention Rates

One of the biggest problems with bots is that they disappear after a short period of time. In other words, you’ve paid to get followers, you got them, but after a month or two, you’re back to your old numbers. This can easily cause distrust among your current followers and subscribers, and all the money you invested won’t yield any results. Thankfully, you can check the website retention rates for the service you want to use and see if they offer a retention guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee. Most reputable sites also have a money-back guarantee because they’re 100% sure of the services they provide. 

Various Payment Methods

Paying online can be as unsafe as getting a fake following. So you should keep your eyes peeled and look for a service that promotes organic growth and offers secure payment. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a one-time payment or a monthly subscription service; the site has to offer various payment options, including a credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. The safest option is generally PayPal because you avoid entering your credit card details, and the site won’t have access to your bank account. The only safe sites are those protected with HTTPS because this encryption form secures your information from hackers. 

No Password

A real site won’t ask for your password. Reputable services will need your email address; however, they won’t ask for your personal information like your password.  

Tips To Gain Real Twitch Followers

Aside from working with paid services, you have to try a few other tips and tricks to grow your following. It all starts with a single Twitch follower, and the more you put into your content, the better the feedback will be. 

1. Create A Streaming Schedule

One of the first factors for success is regular Twitch streams. You can’t expect people to want to subscribe if you only stream once in a while. Another essential thing is to announce your schedule to your followers to engage them even more. It will let your fans know that you’re dedicated to the platform, serious, and you’ll create an authentic brand much faster. If there are any issues with the streaming or you can’t stick to the schedule, ensure to let your followers know. The best strategy is to create a detailed plan with dates, games you’ll be streaming, types of content, etc. This is how you’ll get them excited for what’s to come. 

2. Cross-Promote

Cross-promotion on various social media channels is a simple but successful strategy. The whole point is to utilize your networks to bring followers from one to another and grow the business. If you’re active on several platforms, all you have to do is share the news. For example, if you use Instagram, let your followers know when you’ll be streaming, share behind-the-scenes shots, and get them interested in what you do. Driving traffic from one social network to another is what all successful streamers and bloggers do. So the chances are if people find you interesting on YouTube, they’ll also love what you do on Twitch. 

3. Giveaways

Giveaways and contests work like magic on all platforms. You’ve probably noticed that even users with millions of followers on Twitch and celebrities still do giveaways because they are one of the most effective growth methods. People love getting things for free and competition, so they almost always join and engage. 

With contests, you’ll reach an entirely new audience, hoping that just a small part of them decide to join your network. Another great thing about giveaways is that it gets you closer to your audience. You’ll be doing something for them in return for the support. 

When hosting a contest, the factors you should consider are the audience you want to target, the prize, and how you’ll promote the giveaway. Once you set a target audience, you should let people know the contest’s rules (they have to follow your account, share it with friends, etc.). Next, the prize should be valuable for the target group and within your niches. Finally, find ways to spread the word through various channels. Feel free to cross-promote the giveaway and drive traffic from other social networks to Twitch. Instagram and Facebook are also excellent spots for promotion and can drive a significant number of potential followers and subscribers. 

4. Engage With Your Audience

Twitch streams are much more than just playing games and talking about moves or strategies. An excellent streamer should engage with his audience because they should feel valued and acknowledged. Your goal is to create a community that finds a friend in you, even though they don’t know you. The first step for a successful stream is talking and mentioning your followers or subscribers. A great way to enhance the experience is to set alerts. Next, you should ask questions. Another great idea is raiding other users’ streams or doing collaborations. When your audience notices that you put a lot of effort into your content and that they’re a part of the journey, they’ll recommend you to others. 


/Is buying Twitch followers illegal? No, there are no legal consequences for buying followers; however, this is against Twitch rules, and you may end with a banned account. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a reputable site that promotes accounts with a warranty for high-quality engagement, followers, or views. Followers matter because they increase your visibility, credibility and help you build a successful brand. 
Aside from crafting valuable streams, working with a service for organic Twitch growth is another step to take. Once you start getting higher engagement and follower count, make sure you stream often, cross-promote, and host contests. Also you can read how to see your followers on twitch to get more about effective ways to get more followers on Twitch

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