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Get 5,000 Twitch Followers Every Month

Our set it and forget it methodology for organic growth ensures you consistently get the results you're looking for, without the hassle.

Twitch TOS Compliant

AI Powered Optimization

Targeted Niche Specific Followers

Set It - Forget It Technology

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Get 5,000 Twitch Followers Every Month

The #1 Organic Twitch Growth Service

Twitch TOS

AI Powered

Targeted Niche
Specific Followers

Set It - Forget It

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Get Free Twitch Followers in Just Three Simple Steps

Getting followers on your Twitch profile can take much time for those who have just started on the platform. We make sure that you don’t have to wait and can get free Twitch viewers just by following a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Tell Us Your Audience

Tell us about your niche, the type of audience you want to target, and the content you produce, and our experienced account manager will search for a dedicated, niche-specific audience for your account on Twitch. The audience we find will be active people from Twitch’s massive community.



Tell Us Your Audience

Provide us with some information about your target audience. Your dedicated account manager will ensure that 100% of your new subscribers are highly targeted, niche specific, and likely to engage with your content.


We Get Their Attention

We have a well-devised strategy to make sure your Twitch account grows. Once you acquire our services, we will set up multiple accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit on your behalf. Then, these accounts will send loads of messages to people on different platforms, encouraging them to check out your Twitch page. This is a surefire way to get Twitch followers free very quickly.


We Get Their Attention

We grow your account using the Mother/Child method. Depending on the package you choose, we will setup 25-100 Instagram/Twitter/Reddit accounts on your behalf. These accounts DM hundreds of people per day, sending a message along the lines of "Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. For more great content, please visit my other page @Your_Channel".

Get More Twitch Followers

Our tried and tested growth method, known as the Mother/Child method, is tried and tested and can bring thousands of followers to your account on Twitch. Our approach is ideal because you will not need to provide us with your password. Just send your channel’s link, and we will take care of the rest.



Grow Your Following

Our Mother/Child method of growth allows us to direct thousands of new subscribers to your page. The best part: you don't need to provide us with your Twitch password! We just need a link to your channel so we can start sending you traffic using our army of social media accounts.

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Improve Over Time
Using AI

We use reliable AI technology to determine the right demographic for your Twitch channel. Sure, offering people amazing content is vital, but it isn’t enough. We provide you with a helping hand through our AI technology to give your Twitch account the boost it needs, making sure you can get free Twitch followers and viewers without much hassle.

Features of StreamUpgrade

Just a small selection of what we have to offer

Boost Twitch Followers

Rapid Growth

One of the most prominent features of our stream upgrade is that your account will get quick growth with organic followers.

Free Twitch Followers Trial

Increase Social Influence

The organic Twitch followers we get will be active and interact with your profile, helping improve your influence.

Targeted Audience

Get free Twitch followers who are interested in your niche and interact with them through account targeting and hashtags.

Filter by Competitors

Our tools can spot individuals following, commenting, or liking your competitor’s work, helping us find the right audience.

Why Should You Grow Your
Twitch Followers with Us?

Want to know how to get Twitch followers free? Well, here is a list of reasons why you should choose us to improve your Twitch account’s subscribers. These followers will be organic and interact with your profile.


IntelliBoost is the optimization engine we utilize to make sure your Twitch account evolves regularly. Our team of experts stays updated about Twitch’s algorithms to upgrade your profile whenever necessary.

1-0n-1 Consulting

Once you acquire our services, our experienced digital marketing team will be there to guide and counsel you about your Twitch account. Doing so will help them grow your Twitch account according to your vision.

AI-Powered Optimization

The AI-powered engine we utilize makes sure your account is always heading in the right direction. This engine also helps us create the right strategy for your account to get the best results.

24/7 Support

If you have any questions, queries, or technical issues, all you have to do is contact us, and our responsive customer support team will be there to guide you and answer your questions with detail and patience.

Bank Level Security

The last thing anyone needs to worry about when they get free Twitch followers is their information not being safe. That is why we make sure your data is encrypted and safe with us at all times.

Compliant with
Twitch TOS

Account security is incredibly important to us. That is why we carefully adhere to the comments and likes limits set by Twitch to make sure your account remains safe and doesn’t violate the platform’s rules.


We offer an affordable solution to new and experienced Twitch streamers looking to increase their followers. Our competitively priced packages can meet the different needs of every streamer.

No Downloads

We have a team of professional engineers who use cloud-based technology to provide you with various solutions. So, you don’t have to download anything when we are on board as we focus on strategic solutions.

Set It & Forget It

We have a streamlined process to set up a campaign for your Twitch account. Once you get us on board, all you need to do is sit back and watch our experts work their magic to take your Twitch account to new heights.

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How Much Money Can I Make
From My Twitch Page?

After 1 year with StreamUpgrade, you can expect your page to grow by 60,000 followers. With 60,000 followers, you can expect an average of 400 Twitch Subscribers

0 k
$ 0 per

Monthly Profit from a 60k Follower Profile

Revenue from Subscriptions

With 60,000 followers, you can expect an average of 400 Twitch Subscribers


Total Earnings

$1,000 / month

Ask yourself, can you afford NOT to grow your Twitch?

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The Proof Is In The Results
Real Accounts. Real Growth.

Before Streamupgrade

After Streamupgrade

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Choose Your Package


Start targeting and attracting followers

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Designed for Personal Accounts Looking to Experience Organic Growth

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Accelerated growth for serious results

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Exceptional Organic Growth. The Fastest Twitch Growth Service on the Market.

200 Social Media Accounts Sending You Traffic

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Still Have Questions?
We Have The Answers

We have the right experts to take care of your account and bring in followers that are interested in your specific niche. Our strategies to attract potential subscribers are organic, making sure your account does not violate Twitch’s terms and conditions.

Our methods to get free Twitch viewers for our clients are highly effective and do not take too much time to offer results. Once we are on board, you will see a noticeable increase in your Twitch account’s subscribers and its activity. As mentioned abundantly, these followers will be real people who will interact with your streams and other content on Twitch.

You can absolutely rely on our high-profile social media marketing service. We have helped thousands of people improve their Twitch account visibility through our genuine and organic marketing practices. Unlike many other services, we pay special attention to Twitch’s terms and conditions when optimizing your profile for growth. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything we do to get you free followers on Twitch will be in accordance with the platform’s rules.

Most importantly, the people we will target for your profile will be active Twitch users who will interact with your profile, improving its credibility and visibility in the process.

As mentioned multiple times, we have successfully helped multiple clients grow their Twitch accounts. No matter which game you stream or which niche you are involved in, our marketing team will go above and beyond to find solutions specifically suited for you. Our experts have worked with multiple Twitch users across the globe, which gives them the knowledge and experience required to boost your account.

So, whether you are starting from scratch or have been struggling to improve your account’s subscribers for a while, our service can be incredibly handy for you, just like it has helped thousands of others.

If you have been using Twitch for a while, you will be well aware that almost every account is different. There are multiple variables that impact the growth of a profile, and some of these variables are beyond anyone’s control. Therefore, we cannot provide any guarantees regarding the specific amount of free Twitch followers and viewers you will get.

Thus, our team does everything possible to make your profile stand out, so it can attract loads and loads of viewers. They do so by studying your niche, counseling you, and creating well-thought-out strategies to target audiences interested in your niche.

We have a variety of packages made specifically to suit different needs and budgets. We are well aware that optimizing and boosting a social media account’s followers doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Every situation requires a unique approach. That is why we created different packages. 

If you want a customized package for your Twitch profile, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our responsive customer support team will answer your call as soon as possible and discuss your requirements with patience and in detail. However, if you want a quick and simple free Twitch followers generator, just choose from one of our packages, and you will be good to go.

We offer you the convenience of canceling your subscription whenever you please, as we believe people should not be obligated to pay for long periods. It is a major reason why our teams operate on a month-by-month basis, so even if you decide to cancel the subscription plan early, we will continue to grow and improve your account till the billing period is over. 

If you are on the fence about our services and don’t know whether to choose us, consider using our Twitch followers free trial. This will help you determine whether we would be the right fit for you.

As mentioned earlier, we offer our services on a month-by-month basis. So, you can cancel your subscription with us whenever you please, without worrying about paying penalties. In addition, we provide our customers a thirty-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

In case you do not like our products or services for any reason, just get in touch with us, and you will get your money back for the month you purchased most recently. Of course, if you have any other questions regarding the cancellation and refund policy, you can contact our customer service representatives, and they will gladly help you out.

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