Effective ways to get more followers on Twitch

With more than 9.7 million unique streamers on Twitch each month, Twitch is right now one of the dominant platforms for streaming/watching the latest games in action. Gone are the days when you need to wait to find out what a newly released game looks like! Now, Twitch has taken over the world with more than 2.9 million concurrent users watching the content alongside more than 119 thousand average concurrent streams on-board.

Twitch –  one of the largest online video streaming platforms – is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the massive number of viewers and its millions of monthly subscribers. Of course, this led Amazon to shell out approximately $970 million in cash six years ago to purchase Twitch.

Beginners on the platform might wonder how to get followers on Twitch? With more than 9.5 million active streamers only in February 2021, the competition has surely become problematic for the new streamers to get a firm place in the community.

You probably heard that there are no shortcuts to success, but we have put together some easy tips to help you succeed with Twitch. 

But before we start to address some of the ‘’effective ways to get more followers on Twitch’’ let’s find out which perks you can enjoy by streaming on this platform. 

The platform is a goldmine for streamers as it can generate some significant revenue for the streamers through ads, subscriptions, donations, affiliate links, and more. A leading Fortnite Streamer named ‘’Ninja’’ is expected to earn $350,000 from Twitch streaming as he is at the top with more than 533 million views. There’s no reason left for you not to try your luck on this platform. Let’s get started to find out some practical ways and learn how to get followers on Twitch:

Get More Followers on Twitch

Gain twitch followers: Effective Ways to Get More Followers on Twitch

1.    Set Goals, Plan Everything- Define Success for Yourself!

While there is no set or defined pathway to address the question that ‘’how to get followers on Twitch’’? But there are certain factors that you must consider before looking out for Twitch growth. Ask yourself what is success for you and what is the exact end game for you? Are you looking for some freedom regarding the work hours, or do you love making new friends? Everyone’s goal is quite different, and so is the definition of success! Some are delighted and on the seventh sky by seeing the 30 people watching their stream, while others want more than 30,000 viewers.

Get yourself a S.M.A.R.T. approach to generate Twitch followers on your account. You can imperatively treat Twitch streaming as your business by following this approach. All in all, if your goal is to have immense Twitch growth in no time, make sure to have a well-thought-out strategy. Here is what S.M.A.R.T. approach looks like!


Never surround yourself with misconceptions and try to make room for improvements. Be specific in what you’re doing and stick to it despite changing your interests every other day. Increasing your Twitch presence will let you end up having the increased followers.


There is no wonder that you’re trying hard to get most of the followers in the minimal time, but the strategies will not always go as you thought in the first place.


Make your goals flexible and attainable! You must not set the goals for which you need to struggle a lot and compromise your comfort level. For example, do not go for 1000 subscriber goals in the first month of your Twitch account, as it’s not practical for everyone.


Your goals must be in accordance with the skill and interests. If you’re setting the goals too high or irrelevant to your interests, you’ll end up failing badly. For example, if you’re a streamer looking forward to becoming a streamer to be partnered with, you can achieve your goal by developing the interests to gain more consistent viewership.

Timely Achievements:

Setting a precise time limit for your goals is necessary! You can create the deadlines for your own goals to maintain consistency.

2.    Social media is the Key- Social Media Promotions:

New streamers might find it struggling to find their place in this increasing competition. The Twitch followers can easily be gained by adequately strategizing the content on your social media. You can promote your twitch channel on social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. This strategy will help you interact with your audience and fans more closely. What’s noteworthy about the social media platforms is you can expose your channel to a new audience who hasn’t discovered you yet on Twitch.

What to do? Experts have suggested utilizing social media posts to alarm your fans of the new streaming. You cannot only use it as a notification service to your streams but can post the screen recordings or action part of your streams to attract the audience for an increased Twitch growth. You can check how to utilize the social media posts to add the custom notification alerts to the Twitch Streams.

3.    Expose Your Channel- Meetups and Events:

You cannot interact with all your audience simply from social media platforms. Connecting with the followers and fans online cannot match with meeting people physically. If your country has ongoing Twitch channels from the local streamers or creators, then there must be periodic events and meetups happening around you. The meetups and events are a great place to meet new streamers, exchange some helpful expert tips, and gain followers.

What to do?

Experts have suggested that you must create business cards to exchange with the people you meet at the meetup events. The card template can be checked online. The cards must have a clearly stated name of yours, alongside the Twitch channel name and your social media platform contact details. Thus, this way interacting with your twitch colleagues will be quite easier.

4.    Observe Other Twitch Streamers- Stay Active in Chats:

It’s always a good practice to look upon other streamers and their strategies to gain Twitch followers. Observing steamers and being active in the chats, and following the complete strategies that those streamers are employing for their Twitch growth is a must-to-do practice. If you managed to develop a sincere or genuine friendship in this whole practice, you can both plug each other’s channels for massive exposure.

5.    Have a Nice and Attractive Twitch Layout:

No channel can grow simply based on what you do! Spend time and effort to design a simple graphic layout that suits your interests on the stream. This strategy will help in depicting your professionalism and attract more viewers for effective Twitch growth. Twitch layout must have a stream title, and a description of your Twitch channel, social media platforms, and the name of the Twitch streamers you’re collaborating with!

What to do?

Experts have suggested adding a chatbox for those viewers who’re watching content on the full screen. Moreover, you can place the camera from the top right or top left corner for a wide view. Adding special widgets, shortcuts, and attractive ways to display your username will be a plus to have.

Choose Wisely- Be strategic in your games!

Not every game stream can perform well! Therefore, you must be strategic in choosing the particular game. Playing an old and unpopular video game will not let you gain followers, and your Twitch channel will end up having no views. You can check the latest trending games from the YouTube Game Trending section or the Twitter hashtags.

What to do?

Experts have suggested that you must look for a game that most of the Twitch streamers are streaming around your region to attract the audience. Moreover, having a high-quality webcam at the perfect angle will help you gain more followers and views than those streamers who don’t have it!

Want to gain more followers? – Stream on Other Websites:

You can stream on other websites alongside Twitch to attract the audience. Once your audience pool is built, you can shift them towards your Twitch channel strategically.

Give a Chance to Stream Upgrade’s Twitch Growth:

Apart from all these strategies stated above, we’re here with a simple and effective solution! You can utilize the #1 Twitch Growth Service from the SteamUpgrade! By using the A.I. technology, we understand the demographics that will directly impact your Twitch channel growth. Thus, we provide our services to help you gain more audience using the mother-child method.


Twitch is one of the largest platforms to stream games and content you love! You cannot only fulfill your dream of becoming a famous streamer but can generate some revenue as well. Twitch growth has always been an issue as the number of streamers is immense. But following our guidelines, you can gain followers quickly! Also you can read how to see your followers on twitch to get more about effective ways to get more followers on Twitch

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