How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch

Have you been trying to grow Twitch followers, but it seems you’re getting nowhere fast? You are not alone, many of us have been there too! Twitch is snowballing to become one of the most popular – and top-notch – online streaming platforms today. Up to 15 million viewers or visitors tune into Twitch daily to host, watch, and cheer on several live streams. Luckily, this article is a complete guide on how to get subscribers on Twitch. Let’s jump right in!

Getting started 

The live streaming industry behemoth’s popularity increases every day, so does the competition on the platform. 

Even though your potential target audience is vast, you will not build an audience if you can’t stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, that means you will not be able to join the league of successful streamers or grow your Twitch channel.

And the more you grow your Twitch channel, the more chances you have of making more money. 

This is possible if you learn how to get a Twitch affiliate. Having an affiliate status opens up several ways of making money on the streaming platform, and that is via game sales, subscriptions, and by enabling Bits.

But if you want to know how to get subscribers on Twitch, you are on the right page. Follow the tips that will be shared in this post and take action!

How to Grow Twitch Followers Successfully

There is no one-size-fits-all or straightforward approach to success on Twitch. You can cut to the chase and pay for a Twitch growth service, this way you will grow Twitch followers without a hassle and end up with a highly targeted subscriber base and lots of engagement on your Twitch channel. 

And here are some steps to grow your channel from the ground up.

Set Your Goals

Goal-setting is practically non-existent on the list of many Twitch users. But if you want to go far on this live-streaming platform, you need to set goals. The goals you set will inform the strategy you should develop as you go about how to get subscribers on Twitch.

Most newcomers to Twitch usually find it somewhat challenging to hit the ground running. And this makes it a bit difficult to attract the right kind of subscribers to your Twitch channel.

However, having the right mindset is highly crucial. If you have the right mindset, it will birth the right strategy, which will, in turn, help you define your goals. And you will find several ways to measure your progress on Twitch.

There’s nothing wrong with having big dreams; dream as big as possible, but set small, measurable, and realistic goals that will not take decades to achieve. 

Every achievement or milestone should be a small victory that propels you towards accomplishing the next goal. 

Find new challenges every week that encourages you to push yourself harder. If you can get the first 100 Twitch subscribers – which is considered the most challenging part – you will be on a roll to getting the next 500-1,000 subscribers.

Mind the Equipment You Use

Do you know that the overall quality of the stream you share on Twitch plays a vital role and contributes significantly to its popularity? In reality, this should be the #1 thing you need if you truly want to join the extraordinary league of successful streamers on the streaming platform.

Your broadcasting software should be powerful enough to catch the attention of potential subscribers. Some of the few options you may consider are Wirecast, OBS, XSplit, etc. However, a lot of these software products are pretty expensive, and you may not be able to afford them.

You also need to use a webcam that produces high-quality or HD-quality footage. This enables your viewers to see your face very clearly, thereby creating a much better bond with you. 

You also need a great microphone that does not easily pick up background noises. This ensures your comments or jokes on the gameplay are never lost on your viewers but heard loud and clear.

This is why you shouldn’t skimp on professional live-streaming tools or equipment, as they can easily make your broadcasts very interesting to existing and potential subscribers alike

Stream As Often – and As Much – As You Can

If you carefully observe success streamers on Twitch, you will notice one distinct thing: they stream as often – and as much – as they can. Therefore, you should follow in their footsteps and do the same.

You see, the more you spend time streaming, the more chances you create for potential subscribers to discover your Twitch channel while you are still online. This gives you the most excellent opportunity to really impress them with your professionalism, personality, talents, and approach to whatever game you are currently streaming/playing.

Furthermore, having a huge number of streams on your Twitch channel offers potential subscribers a wide variety of videos they can easily watch whenever you are offline.

This is why it is crucial to create or develop a very consistent streaming timetable or schedule. Make this schedule public so your followers can know precisely when to expect new streams from your Twitch channel. They will know when the streams will start, the games you intend to play, as well as how long the streams will be.

Make it your business to have new streams at least once or twice a week, and be consistent with this schedule. You can also schedule special broadcast days so that none of your subscribers misses any of your live streams on Twitch.

Communication is Key

Communication is crucial for any Twitch streamer that wants to grow their subscriber base/channel. Be overly friendly. Learn from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, former WWE superstar, one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood today, and the self-acclaimed “Peoples’ Champion.”

He may be a mean businessman, but one super-friendly guy. And his affable personality has had a significant effect on his acting career. Mr. Johnson also has one of the highest numbers of followers on Instagram.

Always respond to every chat message when streaming on Twitch. This shows your audience how much you care about every single word they say.

Focus more on the chatroom as people meeting you for the first time on the streaming platform would like to know more about you, your preferences, etc. This is the opportunity you need to forge new relationships or friendships quickly.

During broadcast days, do not stay silent for too long because your audience stays engaged when you talk. Be as natural as you can, and your Twitch subscribers will start to grow organically.

Promote Your Twitch Channel on Social Media

Your target audience uses social media platforms every day. For this reason, you should grow your Twitch followers by sharing every highlight of your live stream on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Moreover, this tactic also boosts the chances of meeting individuals who share your unique interests. And this can even prove highly crucial on your journey to success on Twitch.

Look for communities/groups with people who love playing the kind of games that interests you. Be friends with these people. You can network or collaborate with a few of them by conjointly creating live streams on Twitch.

You can also ask the community members to help share your Twitch broadcasts with their friends or other users. Getting a Twitch partner or two in these communities can also boost camaraderie, which is good for you.

What makes social media appealing to digital marketers is how easy online promotion is. And this is one of the best – and most effective – ways to reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of new potential subscribers. 

And you will be 100 percent sure that these new followers are going to love watching and engaging actively with your live streams on Twitch.


To grow Twitch followers and build a community is no child’s play. It can also be a prolonged process. But the name of the game is ‘consistency.’ If you give it your best shot at all times, sticking to your unique streaming schedule on the streaming platform, concurrent viewers will start noticing you.

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