The #1 Organic Twitch Boost Service

Get 5,000 Twitch Followers Every Month

Our set it and forget it methodology for organic growth ensures you consistently get the results you're looking for, without the hassle.

Twitch TOS Compliant

AI Powered Optimization

Targeted Niche Specific Followers

Set It - Forget It Technology

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Get 5,000 Twitch Followers Every Month

The #1 Organic Twitch Growth Service

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Twitch TOS Compliant​

Targeted Niche Specific Followers​

AI Powered Optimization​

Set It - Forget It Technology​

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Get Twitch Follower Boost in Just 3 Simple Steps

You have tried almost everything to boost Twitch followers but haven’t been successful? If so, you may need the help of someone with experience. Thus, we can help you out, as we know how to boost followers on Twitch, and we only have three simple steps for that.

Share Your Target Audience

Our experts know the ins and outs of boosting your audience on Twitch. All you have to do is tell them about your particular niche, the games you stream, and other basic information, which we will use to target the right audience for your Twitch account.



Share Your Target Audience

Let us know your ideal audience, and our dedicated account manager will ensure that your new subscribers are 100% niche-specific and highly engaged with your content.


Attract Their Attention

We implement various techniques for boosting Twitch followers on your account, and one of those techniques includes the Mother/Child method. Our team of experts sets up multiple accounts on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter, sending people messages on your behalf to increase your followers quickly. The content is tailor-made according to your niche so that you can target the right audience.


Attract Their Attention

Our Mother/Child approach will expand your account reach by creating and managing 25-100 Instagram/Twitter/Reddit accounts, which will send DMs to hundreds of users daily. The message will read something like, "Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. For more great content, please visit my other page @Your_Channel."

Boost Your Following

The tried and tested strategies we use can attract thousands of Twitch viewers to your profile. You won’t even need to provide us with your password, as our team will only require your channel’s link. Using the link, we will use hundreds of social media accounts to find followers for you.



Boost Your Following

With our unique growth strategy, we can guide thousands of new subscribers to your page without needing your Twitch password. We just need the link to your channel, and our army of social media accounts will start sending traffic your way.

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AI-Driven Advancements

We use proprietary artificial intelligence technology to spot the ideal demographic for your Twitch streaming channel. The algorithm we use can spot the people who are most likely to interact with your channel and improve its visibility. One of the best things about the AI tool is that it can spot the right people for your niche and increase your following relatively quickly.

Features of StreamUpgrade

Just a small selection of what we have to offer

Rapid Growth

We are arguably the best service for boosting Twitch followers in the market, and our vast experience proves it.

Increase Social Influence

With us, your influence on Twitch will increase at a rapid pace. We will get you organic followers who will stick by you.

Targeted Audience

Our team uses carefully developed hashtag and account targeting practices to find an audience that loves your niche.

Competitor Filtering

The tool can spot people who comment, like, or subscribe to the content and accounts that match yours.

Why Should You
Boost Twitch Followers with Us?

We have the right tools and experts for boosting your Twitch account and taking it to new heights. Once we are on board, we will closely study your niche and account activities and determine a course of action suited to increase your followers.


This optimization engine makes sure your Twitch account improves regularly. Our engineering team is aware of Twitch’s ever-changing algorithms and adjusts your profile accordingly to ensure you get more followers.

1-0n-1 Consulting

Whether you are new to Twitch or have been using it for a while, our one-on-one consulting can help you determine the best course of action for your Twitch streaming profile.

AI-Powered Optimization

Our AI tool filters data according to historical relevance for improving your account’s actions. We also monitor your Twitch account to adjust its strategies, ensuring it meets the demands of your audience.

24/7 Support

Our responsive team of customer support reps is always ready to help you with your questions and complaints. Once our representative picks up your call, they will be patient and provide you with the best solution.

Bank Level Security

We make sure all of the information you provide remains encrypted and completely safe with us. Once you provide us with your data, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it will not go in the wrong hands.

Twitch TOS Compliant

It takes time to develop a Twitch account and gain an audience. And losing it for failing to meet the platform regulations can hurt. That is why we make sure that your account is compliant with Twitch’s TOS.


Not everyone can splash the cash on a Twitch follower booster service. That is why we made different tiers to suit the various needs of Twitch streamers. We can even provide a customized solution for your profile.

No Downloads Required

Our experts use cloud-based technology for boosting Twitch followers and other similar services. So, there are no downloads involved and a team of professionals will be working on boosting your Twitch profile’s followers.

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How Much Money Can I Make
From My Twitch Page?

After 1 year with StreamUpgrade, you can expect your page to grow by 60,000 followers. With 60,000 followers, you can expect an average of 400 Twitch Subscribers

0 k
$ 0 per

Monthly Profit from a 60k Follower Profile

Revenue from Subscriptions

With 60,000 followers, you can expect an average of 400 Twitch Subscribers


Total Earnings

$1,000 / month

Ask yourself, can you afford NOT to grow your Twitch?

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The Proof Is In The Results
Real Accounts. Real Growth.

Before Streamupgrade

After Streamupgrade

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Accelerated growth for serious results

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Exceptional Organic Growth. The Fastest Twitch Growth Service on the Market.

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Still Have Questions?
We Have The Answers

As mentioned earlier, we have a team of pros who will look after your account while spotting the right followers for it. These experts will study your niche and evaluate your organic activity, along with other things to attract the right viewers for your Twitch profile. So, if you are wondering how to boost followers on Twitch, the answer is simple. Just get a reliable and professional service like hours, sit back, and watch us work our magic.

We use tried and tested techniques to grow your audience organically within a short period. You just have to mention your niche, objectives, and the type of games you stream, and we will do the rest.

People often have second thoughts when hiring a Twitch follower booster service for free. This is mainly because many services are known for growing traffic inorganically and using other tactics to boost a profile’s audience. While this may work for the short run, it is definitely not ideal for the long term. If anything, it could get your account banned for not following Twitch’s TOS.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about things like these with us, as we make sure that your account is 100 percent compliant with Twitch’s regulations and does not get into trouble. Also, since we encrypt the data you provide, you can rest easy knowing that it will remain safe.

We have helped improve Twitch profiles of numerous clients across the globe. This gives our experts the exposure and skills required to take care of different types of profiles. So, whether you are a beginner or have been streaming for a while, we can find the right solution to boost your Twitch audience. Our pros can even find you an audience interested in the type of video games you stream.

Once they evaluate your profile properly, they use a high profile AI tool to filter thousands of Twitch users to find people who could potentially be interested in your content.

Multiple factors can impact the growth of your profile, and some are beyond our control. While we cannot guarantee the specific number of followers your account will gain, it will be significantly better than the amount you have. Our team will gauge your profile’s overall attractiveness, industry, services, products, layout, and target audience to determine the best strategy to boost its followers.

Of course, you have to stream high-quality content to gain more subscribers, but that is rarely enough. You also have to follow Twitch’s terms of service and other considerations to make sure your audience can increase rapidly.

As mentioned earlier, we have multiple packages to suit different individuals’ needs. Of course, not everyone will require an expensive solution to boost Twitch followers. That is why you can choose from one of our budget-friendly tiers and improve your profile’s followers.

We also provide custom-made packages to our clients who are looking for a specialized tailor-made solution. These packages can be especially ideal for those who have been on Twitch for a while and planning on boosting Twitch followers quickly. Thus, every profile requires a different strategy, and our pros can help create it for you once you acquire our services.

If you are not satisfied with the services we offer, you are free to cancel your subscription whenever you please. Since our subscription model operates on a month-by-month basis, you can unsubscribe even on the first week and get the package’s benefits until the month ends. We firmly believe that our customers shouldn’t be bound to pay fees for services or products they aren’t satisfied with.

Those who aren’t sure about our services but want to see what we can offer can use the Twitch followers booster free trial. Doing so can help them determine if our services would help increase their Twitch audience.

We allow our customers to cancel their accounts at their convenience. Unlike many other similar services, we will not penalize you for canceling or unsubscribing. Additionally, we provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee to those who aren’t happy without services for any reason. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and our customer support representatives will offer you a complete refund. Keep in mind that the refund we offer you will be for the most recent month you purchased our package.

Of course, if you have any queries about the package you are subscribed to, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help right away.

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