Streamers That Got Banned on Twitch

Twitch might be one of the most popular streaming services in the world, but did you know that there are many banned twitch streamers?

Rules and regulations on this platform can be quite restricting, and many content creators get an initial suspension or banned for violation of the mentioned guidelines. But, who are the most famous people that got banned and why?

This is an interesting topic to read about, and possibly learn from mistakes made by others. This way you can stay ban-free and grow your Twitch account without worries. 

So, if you want to know more, keep on reading because we have all the facts, tips, and tricks.

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The Biggest Banned Twitch Streamers of All Time

There are over 1,2 million active users each month on Twitch, which means there are a lot of high-quality content creators and viewers. But, no matter how amazing the platform is, there is a surprising banned games list and banned content creators that happened to leave the audience confused.

Keep in mind that following the terms of service is vital for your Twitch growth, so let’s learn from the examples below what you should avoid.

Disguised Toast

The biggest Twitch streamer bans are sometimes completely fair, but other times, not even the creator is sure what happened. This was the case with famous streamer Disguised Toast or Jeremy Wang, who got the Twitch ban hammer because of “unmoderated hateful content”.

This happened when he played a random clip where some other player used a homophobic slur on stream and Disguised Toast got punished.

This means players and content creators need to be aware of everything posted on their channel and not allow even other people to appear as insulting.


Amouranth is one of the most controversial female streamers on the platform as one of the most popular hot tub streamers. Her last ban was most likely to the sexual content of the ASMR video she posted. 

This happens all the time, as the ASMR content is often seen as inappropriate for younger audiences. 


Just like our previous content creator Indiefoxx got banned multiple times for suggestive content. Twitch even reworked her Partnership, and this is by far one of the most severe punishments on the platforms.

As you know, becoming a Twitch Partner is an important step in any streamer’s career, so you have to work hard to get there and even harder to avoid getting banned permanently. 


xQc is one of the most popular streamers on the platform, but even he got banned for a few hours for streaming highlights from the Olimpic’s. This was seen as an unfair and too harsh measure by many Twitch users, and the famous streamer even filed a counter-claim to protect his rights.

This case shows us that even the biggest streamers can get punished for various reasons, so you need to be extra careful when you are just getting started.


One of the problems with Twitch bans is that there is often no explanation as to what happened and why the broadcaster got banned. 

So, CodeMiko was banned three times over the past year without any explanations. One of the bans lasted for 14 days, and that can be a very long time for content creation and the audience. 

One of the reasons speculated is that she used a slur on stream to insult men, but nothing was confirmed. This shows us, once again, that you have to be careful with your language and content all the time.

How to not get banned on Twitch?

A Twitch ban can be very harmful to your channel, so make sure you are following all guidelines to avoid being suspended or banned. 

This could mean taking a closer look at the community rules and regulations, reading about why other people got banned, and staying away from the problematic topics and hateful content. Once you grow your Twitch channel, you still have to pay close attention to your subscribers and your content, as it always has to be high-quality and within the laws of Twitch. 

Here are a few suggestions to be ban-free:

  1. Don’t post adult content or explicit content;
  2. Make sure the music you are using is from a suitable source;
  3. Double-check all the facts before mentioning anything or posting in your content.

While not all bans are considered fair, the rules and regulations are there for a reason. Twitch is aiming to protect the audience and maintain the integrity of the platform. 

Final Thoughts

Creating content for Twitch is fun, but it’s also hard work. Content creators are under a lot of pressure to perform the best and post only high-quality work to avoid disciplinary action. 

The good news is that you can use all of our tips and tricks to boost your Twitch growth and make a substantial income without being banned. 

So, make sure you visit our website often for more updates and the most relevant information.

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