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Many content creators on Twitch make streaming live videos their full-time profession. They broadcast videos as their day job to support themselves and the passion they have for playing games (or producing other content).

But, being a broadcaster is not just fun and games. It is serious work, and it takes a lot of money, effort, and dedication to start a career on Twitch.

Streaming software, good-quality streaming equipment, and living expenses all need to be funded. If any of these are not afforded by the streamer, then he/she most likely cannot maintain their career as a broadcaster.

As a follower and supporter, your role then is to do what you can to help the streamers continue creating live broadcasts. This will help them greatly and also enable you to watch more of their content.

The best way you can support your favorite streamers on their path is to give them tips. We’ll explain why this is the case and teach you how to tip on Twitch, so read on.

tip twitch

What Does It Mean to Tip on Twitch?

When you tip on Twitch, you are giving a monetary donation directly to the streamer. Twitch and the third-party company that provides the tip page will not take any part of the amount you will donate to the broadcaster.

Tipping is done through the donation button that is available on the streamer’s Twitch channel. With this method, you can be sure that every penny sent will be received by the streamer.

Tipping vs. Donating: Is It the Same?

Donating, in general, is the act of giving to the streamer. This can be in the form of a channel subscription, gifting a subscription, cheering with Bits on Twitch, or directly tipping the content creator.

Subscribing to the broadcaster’s channel and gifting subs will usually give the streamer 50% of the profits. The other half goes to the platform. Only more popular streamers get to keep a larger portion of the proceeds.

Purchasing Bits and using them in the channel chat to cheer the streamer will give the content creator 1 cent per Bit received. This may not seem much, but if a lot of users cheer with Bits, it can reach a sizeable amount. And every penny helps a starving artist.

Tipping, on the other hand, is the act of directly giving money to the streamer’s bank account. It is a subcategory of donating on Twitch. But, oftentimes, the terms are used loosely and are interchangeable.

Whenever you give a tip, Twitch does not take a cut from it. Unlike when you cheer with Bits, wherein the platform takes a percentage from the total Bits donated to the streamer. So, direct tips or donations are certainly the best way of supporting the content creators.

Ways You Can Tip on Twitch

how to tip on twitch

The best way to send money directly to your favorite streamers is through the donation links they provide on their profile. This can be found under each content creator’s About page.

You can choose from sending a donation once using the one-time tip option, or sending a monthly tip to give the streamer a steady source of income.

If you want to tip your beloved Twitch stars, here’s how to do it:

1.     Head on over to the website and log in to your account.

2.     Click on the streamer’s name under Followed Channels. If the username is not there, you may search for their profile using the Twitch search box.

3.     Once you’re on the streamer’s page, scroll down and under the About section, look for and click the ‘Donation’ button. It will usually be accompanied by a disclaimer that donations cannot be refunded, so, only give what you can afford to give away.

4.     A new window will open where you can send your donation. Fill out the form with your Twitch username, and your message, and then choose the amount you want to tip. Hit the ‘Donate’ button when you’re done.

  • One-time tip – This is the default highlighted choice. This lets you send a one-time-only donation to the streamer. If you are feeling generous and would like to share more with the streamer, choose this option and edit the amount to a larger number.
  • Monthly tip – If you select this option, your selected mode of payment will be charged every month for the amount that you choose. This will be a consistent source of income for your chosen streamer.

Other options:

  • You might also add a YouTube video URL that will play in a mini window as your name is displayed onscreen.
  • You may also add a GIF or an effect to your donation alert for an additional price.

5.     On the pop-up window, you will be asked to choose the mode of payment. The payment systems available will accept PayPal and credit card transactions. If the streamer enables it, there will also be an option to donate using cryptocurrencies.

6.     Follow the instructions to complete the transaction and transfer your donation. You have now greatly supported a streamer’s livelihood to let them continue creating more content for the community.

Benefits of Twitch Donating

Needless to say, the main benefit of donating to your favorite Twitch streamers is the monetary support you give them. The income from their efforts will let them pay their bills and buy the expensive equipment needed to provide high-quality streams on Twitch to get more subscribers.

When the income content creators receive from streaming is good, then they can continue broadcasting and creating excellent videos for the online community.

Here are the other benefits that you can get from supporting streamers:

Subscriptions, gifting subs, and cheering with Bits will provide you with chat badges that you can proudly display beside your username. Enjoy the prestige of wearing those badges and getting attention in chat whenever you join the chatbox.

Oftentimes, a streamer will also dangle a prize for reaching subscription goals. The viewers will usually get to watch their star perform a special stream or get to see more of the streamer’s personal life.

The benefit of a tipper includes an acknowledgment during the live stream. A donation alert with the username and amount donated will be displayed on the streamer’s broadcast screen. The streamer will also thank the donor verbally on the broadcast to show their heartfelt thanks for the support.

You will not get a Twitch chat badge for donating directly because this method involves third-party payment systems. But, you will get the satisfaction that you have helped a streamer continue doing the thing that he or she is passionate about.

In short, donations benefit the streamer, you, and the community.

In Conclusion

Being a streamer is now a viable career option. Doing live broadcasts can generate real money and may even amount to thousands of dollars when one becomes popular.

But this income is hard-earned every step of the way.

Fortunately, Twitch offers streamers a chance to earn income through various avenues on the platform and also through direct donations. Tips help content creators to be more productive and their followers can easily express their appreciation using the tips. So, create, have fun, and earn money and followers. 

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