Being a Twitch streamer is a tough job. So, how can we support the channel owners? With Cheer Bits.

What Are Cheer Bits?

Cheer Bits are monetary donations in the form of fun and animated emotes seen in a Twitch streamer’s chatroom.

Cheer Bits or Cheermotes designs also vary. The basic Cheermote is the original gem figure. Twitch Partners also have their own custom set of Cheermotes to make cheering more exciting in their chatbox. Other designs are created from popular global emotes.

With so many designs, even original ones, how then can you tell what are Twitch Cheers and what are not?

That’s easy to distinguish. The main identifier of a Cheermote is that they are animated. They do some sort of movement, unlike basic emoticons that are static.

Also, the higher the value of the Cheermote used, the more animated and cool-looking it is.

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Why Do Twitch Bits Matter?

Channel viewers are the ones who use Twitch Bits or Cheer Bits in the chat to cheer on and support their favorite streamer.

Twitch Bits is a fun form of donation on the platform. Twitch Affiliates and Partners receive real-world money for the Cheer Bits they get in their chat.

The streamer receives 1 cent for every Bit that a viewer donates or uses in his/her channel chatroom. This means that a content creator needs to get 1,000 Bits to earn at least $10.

Also, as a Cheermotes user, you get to make the chat messages look lively and fun. Your animated emotes will dance around the chat, entertaining other people in the chatroom.

Plus, you get recognized by the streamers, too. They really appreciate your support and donations.

How Much Are Twitch Bits Worth?

Bits are purchased in bundles on the platform. You save more money when you buy bigger amounts of Cheer Bits.

Here are the Bit values available for purchase in US dollars:

Bit AmountPrice in USD
100 Bits$1.68
300 Bits$5.04
500 Bits$8.40
1,500 Bits$23.94
5,000 Bits$77.28
10,000 Bits$151.20

Note: Prices are seen in your local currency and values may differ for each country.

First-time buyers get a 29% discount on their initial purchase. To get more value on your very first Bits purchase, it is advisable to get the biggest bundle of Bits.

It’s a good deal since Bits don’t expire. You can just keep your stock indefinitely. At least you always have Bits ready for when you want to cheer your favorite streamers.

How to Cheer on Twitch?

To start cheering your idols, you will first need to purchase Bits on Twitch. Follow the instructions on how to do that in this article: What Are Bits on Twitch? How Do Bits Work on Twitch?

After you have acquired your Bits, you can now use them in Twitch chats. Follow these steps to start sending Twitch Cheers:

On Desktop

There are two ways to send Cheermotes to your favorite streamer, through the Cheermote menu or directly through chat.

The first method is this:

1. Using a web browser, log in to your Twitch account.

2. Visit the channel of the streamer you want to support by clicking their name on the list of active users on the left of the screen. If you don’t see the channel there, you can manually look for it using the search box.

3. Once you are viewing the live stream, send some Cheer Bits or Cheermotes in the chat window on the right side of the screen. To do this, click the diamond-shaped Bits icon in the chatbox.

4. A pop-up will appear where you can choose the Cheermote design and the number of Bits you want to send.

The Bits options are 1, 100, 1000, 5000, and 10000. You can also put a custom amount based on your Bits balance by editing the numbers in the chatbox.

Note that some channels set a minimum number of Bits that viewers can send. So, adjust your Cheermote amount accordingly.

5. You can add in some text messages before hitting the Chat button on the lower right or the Enter button on your keyboard to send.

6. If you accidentally hit Enter, entered the wrong amount of Bits, or just want to edit your message, you can hit the Cancel button. This is available for 5 seconds before your message is published online.

If you don’t want to go through all that clicking and choosing, you can do the second method instead:

1.  In the channel’s message box, you may directly type in the word ‘cheer’ and the number of Bits you want to donate.

It should look like this: cheer5000

The default Cheermote that will appear in the chat is the original gem design.

2.  If you want a different design, type in the name of the global Cheermote you want to use plus the amount.

It should look like this: Corgo100

On Mobile

The process is the same as on desktop, just using the Twitch app.

In the channel chatbox, press the icon of the Cheermote that you want to send, add your message, and hit the Chat button to send.

When cheering, you have the option to cheer as yourself or anonymously.

When cheering as yourself, you earn benefits of Chat Badges and a place in the Top Cheerer Leaderboard.

But, if for some reason, you don’t want to be acknowledged, you may send anonymous cheers. You won’t get any benefits. You won’t be able to send messages or emotes with your Cheermote. And you just get the pleasure of knowing that you have given support to creative people who deserve it.

To Cheer Anonymously:

1. Click the Bits icon in the channel chatbox.

2. Check the box beside Cheer Anonymously.

3. Send Cheermotes as discussed previously.


If you want to support your favorite streamer, send them some love and monetary donation in the form of Cheer Bits. This will greatly help their Twitch growth and urge them to continue creating more content for the community.

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