Twitch is a prominent platform with over 140 million monthly active users. This streaming platform constantly introduces new exciting features to keep its viewers, affiliates, and partners entertained. Twitch animated emotes are one of the latest updates, and today we’ll get into detail about what they are, how to use them, how to create them, and whether they can benefit your Twitch growth. 

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What Are Twitch Animated Emotes?

Twitch first introduced animated emotes back in June 2021. You can think of these emotes as small GIF images that will spruce up your conversation. Before the animated version of this feature appeared, Twitch content creators used standard emotes. The main difference is that the standard images were still, square images, unlike the current emotes that are animated and can dance, move, wave, etc. 

While the initial emotes were a beloved feature by the community, many Twitch users requested the platform to include GIF images to communicate better with their audience, subscribers, and followers. This update doesn’t require you to install any programs or extensions; it’s already a part of the Twitch platform. 

However, when the first emotes appeared on Twitch, users had to download an additional extension such as BetterTTV (BTTV) or FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) if they wanted to use the feature. Thankfully, the platform made things easier, so creators and viewers can now use animated and non-animated emotes without any extensions. 

Who Can Use the Animated Twitch Emotes?

When Twitch first introduced its new feature, only Twitch Partners could use it. Soon after, the live-streaming platform also unlocked it for affiliates. Today, Twitch offers its Global Emotes to all users, while Custom Emotes are a completely separate category. These are the emotes each channel owner can create and make available only for their subscribers. This is an excellent way that creators can grow their audience and monetize their work. 

If you’re subscribed to your favorite streamers, you can see the emotes when you click on the chatbox, then on the smiley face in the bottom part. Another easy way to access the emotes is to type in a semicolon. Twitch will show a list of emotes you can choose from. You also have to know that each emote has a code, and custom versions start with the channel’s name before the code. As a creator grows, so does his/her library and benefits from using and creating emotes. 

A creator can start uploading custom emotes once he becomes an affiliate. In addition, creators have to follow the emote guidelines before uploading if they want their emotes to become a part of their library. 

Another recent type is Follower Emotes. This feature is available for partners and affiliates, and it’s another excellent way they can benefit and grow their following. Twitter lets partners and affiliates with Instant Upload eligibility offer everyone who will follow their channel five free emotes once they hit the Follow button. 

Another way that creators can engage their subscribers is with emote modifiers. Partners can add these modifiers for their Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriptions, and they can change the way emotes look. 

How to Get Animated Twitch Emotes?

There are three common ways to get animated Twitch emotes. The first is easy and free but doesn’t offer too many choices. The second one takes more time, and more emote options. Finally, the third gives you bits and pieces of the previous two. 

Twitch Easy Animate Tool

Twitch offers its users pre-made animations they can use to create their new emotes. In addition, the platform has an Easy Animate tool you can access and find a list of different emotes to choose from. You can add these options to your channel and use them for free.

The platform has six packs of emotes as a part of the Easy Animate tool: spin, slide in, slide out, shake, roll, and rave. You need to add your emotes, and Twitch will turn them into custom GIFs using these packs. 

Create Custom Animations

If you have many emote ideas on your mind, you can try creating your custom selection. This means starting with a simple image and turning it into an animation. The truth is that not everyone has the skills to do this; that’s why this alternative is costly. However, knowing how much emotes benefit creators, many Twitch Partners decide to invest in their custom emotes pack. Some of them hire professionals, while others choose to create them themselves. 

Download Emote Packs

If you want to save money and have unique emotes, downloading a pack is the best solution. There are many pre-made packs you can get, and you’ll have them right away, without waiting for months or struggling with different apps or programs. 

These packs are best for streamers who still can’t afford to pay a designer but want to keep their audience entertained. In most cases, the packs have at least six emotes and cost between $10 and $15. There’s also no need to pay for expensive tools that promise to help you create your emotes, but you still end up being stuck for days. These packs aren’t as unique as custom designs; however, they are an excellent choice. 

We have recently shared a detailed guide on how to make Twitch emotes in Photoshop, so if your animation skills are on point, and you’re willing to explore new skills, you should definitely read the guide. It’s simple, straight-to-the-point, and even beginners will find it easy to follow.

If you want to upload animated emotes Twitch made the procedure very simple for its users. All you have to do is access your channel settings and visit the emote menu. In addition, the platform introduced a library for emotes, where creators can see all their emotes and manage them. 


Knowing how to entertain your audience is essential if you want to grow your channel. Making your subscribers feel special and respected is one of the things you should keep in mind and practice regularly. Animated emotes are an excellent way to show that you’re investing in your brand and creating a more tight-knit community. There are three ways to fill your emote library: using the Twitch Easy Animate tool, creating your custom designs, or downloading pre-made packs. Although getting custom designs is the best alternative, it can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why most creators opt for packs they can download in minutes.

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