Set Up Donation Notification on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms globally for a reason. Entertaining the audience is your primary goal, and thankfully, the streaming service gives you plenty of features to do that. Twitch Alerts are part of those popular features that streamers love using because they’re so diverse and simple to customize. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the Twitch donations alert that can become a source of income for all your hard work. But, before we jump to the procedure, we want to cover the basics of these widgets. 

What Are Alerts?

Twitch Alerts are real-time notifications that boost the experience for your viewers and enhance the quality of your streams. These alerts allow you to include chat boxes, subscription notifications, follower notifications, raid alerts, and much more. For example, if you’re just starting your career on this streaming software, you should definitely set up a follower or subscriber alert. Each time someone new follows you, the alert will let you know during the stream, so you can mention the newcomers, acknowledge and thank them for their presence. The biggest streamers rarely do this, but they all started small and used similar growth strategies. 

Another great thing about these alerts is that they’re highly customizable. You can turn them into sound alerts, fun visual notifications, graphics, and animated widgets. Unfortunately, not many streaming platforms allow you to personalize your video game and streams as Twitch does. 

Twitch streamers add these alerts to their broadcasts and serve as excellent selling tools because they will let your followers know that you’re very invested in crafting the most engaging streams. They also help streamers collaborate, gift each other subscriptions, announce raids, and there’s even a donation option to help you fund your channel. 

Today we’ll talk about the Twitch donation notification that allows you to receive donations from viewers. Thankfully, this streaming service offers you various ways to earn money from your streaming broadcasts. Aside from the good old affiliate link, sponsorships, and video ads, getting donations is an exceptional way to monetize your channel. This means that you’ll get real money from everyone on the platform who wants to support you through charitable donations. 

You can set these alerts through various programs, including OBS Studio, Streamlabs, StreamElements, etc. Before we continue with how people can donate on Twitch, let’s go over the most common alert types. 

Types Of Twitch Alerts

There are various common Twitch Alerts widgets, even your favorite streamers use. These are big groups of widgets that are meant to improve the experience of your Twitch channel visitors and even get external donations for your quality content. Over time, the Twitch Alerts features evolved, and now you can use so many ones to make things more interesting. These are the widgets you need to know about: Chat Box, Alert Box, Donation Goal, Donation Ticker, Event List, Stream Labels, Wishlist, Media Sharing, and more. 

One of these categories is even more commonly used than others. The Alert Box is essentially where the name Alerts came from and lets streamers know when someone follows them, subscribes, uses a Twitch bit, or donates. Here are the alerts you should customize to fit your brand if you want to become a better streamer:

Host Alert

When other streamers start raiding a stream on your channel, this alert will appear. It’s a great way to gain new subscribers and collaborate with other content creators. 

Follower Alert

We mentioned this alert several times because everyone loves it. When a new follower joins, let them know that you see them and welcome them during a stream. 

Donation Alert

The Twitter donations alert is our primary interest in today’s article. Additionally, if other streamers want to support your work, they can donate. Each time someone tips you, this alert will appear. 

Cheer Alert

This notification appears when people gift you Twitch Bits, and it pops up on the screen, thanking them for the donation. 

How to Set Up a Donation Alert on Twitch?

Now that you know all about donations, it’s time to learn how to set up an alert.

Choose a Payment Method

This is the first step of the process and lets you choose your preferred method for payment. The common options you have include PayPal, Skrill, Unit Pay, and credit card. 

Choose an Alert Service

As we mentioned before, there are various services to use when setting up a Twitter donation notification. It can be Streamlabs, StreamElements, Muxy, etc. First, create an account, then integrate it with your payment service. Of course, you can also do the other way around and log into your payment account, then integrate it with the alert service. 

Regardless of which service you’ll use, they all let you go through the donation settings and customize the alert to be on-brand. You can also choose a donation currency type, preferred donation, minimum donation, leave donation messages thanking your supporters, and even create a donation link. 

Add a Donate Button

Donation buttons are another great way to stimulate your viewers to support you. After creating a custom URL for the donation, you should copy it and go to your Twitch dashboard. Tap the Edit Panels button, then paste the URL with a title and an image. After you click done, the button will appear on your profile. 

Tips For Making a Great Alert

Keep It Short

The alert should be short and engaging. You don’t want your followers listening to a short track every time someone donates or subscribes. 

Add An Image

Images are much more engaging than text; therefore, you can do both for your next alert. 

Make Them Fun And On Brand

Choose attractive graphics, animations, and sounds that are easy to remember. The alerts should be on-brand with your character. 


The Twitch donations alert is an excellent way to earn from streaming and form an even tighter bond with your followers. These alerts are one of the platform’s most interesting and engaging features that let you show appreciation for other streamers, do collaborations, and gain followers. Twitch also offers other donation methods such as bits, hosting charities, Donation Goal, Donation Ticker, so don’t hesitate to try them all.

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