Before the advent of social media, achieving fame was practically an impossible endeavor. Fame was reserved for the elite – the ultra-rich, the super beautiful, the supremely talented, and the extremely powerful. Not so long ago, if you did not belong to these chosen few, it was only by extreme luck that you had a chance at fame and stardom.

These days, all you need is a phone to be famous. If you dream of being famous, becoming an internet star, and being the darling of the masses, all you need is a darn phone. My, how times have changed. For better or worse, times have changed.

So, all you need is a phone. And maybe an undying, unyielding, relentless desire to be famous, of course. Add in there the willingness to sincerely learn the process of how to be famous on social media and a lot of hard work and dedication, and internet fame might well be within reach.

Did achieving fame suddenly sound daunting? It is. Sorry if we may have lied about fame being a matter of having a phone, but as with everything in life that is worth achieving, being social media famous is not easy.

At least it isn’t impossible like it was back in the day! That if you aren’t someone named Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, or Haley Williams, then fame was already off the table.

So, get your phones and summon all your courage and industriousness because you are about to be imbued with the secrets of how to become famous on social media.

Tips and Habits on How to Be Famous on Social Media

·         Choose Your Niche

This first secret is what most people do not know about. They think that fame is a shot in the dark that is answered by destiny! Aim your shot at a target. And that target is your niche! 

But what is a niche? Your niche is your so-called target audience. These people are the people who will immediately and readily understand what you are about. If you are someone who wants to be famous as a gamer-streamer, then other gamers are your niche. They are your peeps! Your public! 

Why do you have to choose your niche?

  • For an easier jump-off point. With a group of people in mind, it is easier to come up with and think of content to create.
  • For immediate support. You also belong to this niche. You are a gamer, and your niche is gamers, too. If you are an e-girl, then e-boys and e-girls understand you more than anyone.
  • You know what this niche wants because you are them. You and your niche have the same tastes and interests. Ask yourself what content you want to see, and you are most likely to please your niche, too. 
  • They will be your most solid and faithful support group even if your fame transcends beyond your niche. A lot of creators on the most famous social media platforms have become known outside their original niches. These people from your niche will most likely stick with you through thick and thin. Something you will learn to appreciate more as your fame grows more and more.

·         Have Your Social Media Content Strategy

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, they say. You may have a spike in activity and fame because of some content you post, but if you just plan to ride out this blip of fame and not follow up with something significant, then your fame will just peter out and become forgotten.

Think of your internet idols on the most famous social media apps. They did not get famous overnight, and they do not maintain their relevance without having some sort of strategy. 

Sit down and outline. Make a time-based plan that strategizes how you can achieve your goals on social media. The more famous you get, the more you should plan and strategize.

·         Always Be Real

Be yourself. Do not try to be someone else. Do not be the clown who thinks your audience can’t tell when you are being pretentious. Avoid self-sabotaging your internet fame and always be real to yourself. Listen to that little voice within that calls you out when you are being pretentious.

Practice listening to this little voice until it becomes a booming, proud voice that will protect you from yourself throughout your long career as a social media star. 

·         Post Consistently

Like in every worthwhile endeavor, consistency is key in such an extremely forgetful world like the internet. If you fail to post regularly, your audience will not have a shortage of other creators to follow. 

Have a schedule of when to post, and by golly, stick to it by hook or by crook! If you decide to post daily, do just that. At the onset of your quest for internet fame, this consistency will not seem to pay dividends yet, but we assure you that consistency will be your best instrument in keeping your relevance in this short attention span world of the internet.

·         Stay Modern on Social Media Trends

How to get popular on social media also relies on being trendy. Keep tabs on trends that emerge, and do not fail to do what other famous internet content creators are doing. Do not do this blindly, though. Only do trends that do not go against basic human principles.

·         Post Relevant Content

In your niche, there will only be a few most pertinent topics to post about at any given time. Post about these topics, and you will always get the lion’s share of the interest in your niche

Fame is a Fickle Food

Fame is a fickle food, they say. It is ever-changing and capricious. If you want to keep it, you only have yourself to rely on.  Be consistent, be diligent with the habits you learned here, and internet fame can just be yours for the taking. 

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