How to Stream Nintendo Switch On Twitch

If you want to share your favorite video games with your friends and followers but choose to play on the Nintendo Switch, you can do so on streaming platforms like Twitch. Although you would need some extra equipment since the Switch cannot be connected to Twitch like most game consoles, it is fairly easy and straightforward.

So, here’s our quick guide on how to stream Switch on Twitch. With this knowledge, you now will be able to stream your game on Twitch and add video and audio to make it more entertaining in a few quick steps. This could be one of the most effective ways to attract more followers, or you could use twitch stream booster to maximize your efforts.

What Do You Need to Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch?

You may require some extra devices in addition to your game console, in this case, the Nintendo Switch, and an active Twitch account. Keep in mind that in order to stream your gameplay, your console must be on the Switch dock. 

While there are several products available to help you link your console to your TV and computer, only the most popular and reliable ones will be discussed. Here is what you need:

Video capture device

Since the Nintendo Switch does not allow direct Twitch streaming, you must use an additional device to record your gameplay. Elgato Game Capture is the most widely used and effective capture card. This is used to link your Switch to your TV and computer, and with additional software your can now stream to Twitch.


To connect your Switch and Twitch, you will need a decent machine. A PC with at least 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i5-4670 processor is recommended. Both PC and MAC are supported, but PCs have outperformed MACs in terms of streaming. Layers can be created on your PC to make your gaming experience more interesting. This can be extremely beneficial for small streamers, as well as for the new community challenge called boost this stream.

Streaming software 

You may require external streaming software, such as OBS studio, to be able to broadcast your game on Twitch. This will provide you with more control over your streaming and give you more options. 

Webcam and microphone

This is optional equipment, but for serious players, it is essential. Using video and sound as you play the game, along with some insightful explanations, can help you gain more followers and viewers, as well as make you famous Twitch streamer. 

Connect Your Nintendo Switch to Your Computer:

You can now attach your Switch to your TV and computer in a few simple steps by using the above-mentioned equipment. Have your devices near at hand, and prep all the cables you will need. Remember that Switch streaming can only function when our Nintendo Switch is in the dock. Here’s how to stream on Nintendo Switch:

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable that connects your Switch dock to your TV. Attach the capture card to that cable next.
  2. Link the card to your TV with another HDMI cord. You will still be able to watch the game on TV, but you will now be able to stream it.
  3. To stream, a USB cable should be attached from the capture card to your computer.

How to stream on Nintendo Switch?

To stream your Switch game on your Twitch channel, you must now use streaming software on your computer. Once you have completed all the previous stages of linking, this should be the easiest part. 

How to Stream Switch on Twitch

How to add Nintendo Switch as Media Source?

OBS Studio is in charge of broadcasting, and this software is mainly used by gamers. After connecting your Nintendo Switch to your PC, launch the OBS streaming software and right-click anywhere to select a new video capture gadget or your Elgato Game Capture. This would be the first layer, so give it a proper name. If you want to use video and sound in addition, you can create new layers in this app.

Never underestimate the effect of adding fun video and audio to your Nintendo Switch games. This will take your gaming to a whole new level while also assisting you with social promotion of your Twitch channel.

How to use OBS Studio to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch?

The next move is to configure your Twitch account so that OBS can stream. You must locate your Twitch channel’s primary stream key, which is found on your dashboard under account settings. Copy and paste this special key into your OBS streaming software to stream from the menu, make sure Twitch is selected.

To summarize, many smaller channels and streamers would like to stream Switch on Twitch, and they can now. With the help of some additional hardware and software, gamers are now able to share their gaming experiences with their followers. You will have a lot of fun by watching your game on TV and start streaming right away.

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