How to Get Viewers On Twitch

Are you obsessed with playing games online and watching tutorials? If so, Twitch should be the next platform you should look at. This is a game-streaming service with over 140 million active monthly users. Aside from playing games, users can also watch streams, engage with other users, and learn valuable tips. Like with other social media platforms, you need to provide unique content to be noticed on Twitch.

So, if your main question is how to get viewers on Twitch, follow the tips below, be committed, work hard, and you’ll soon notice growth. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, but you can always turn to professionals who will help. Keep on reading to find out why views matter and how you can boost your numbers.

Why Do Twitch Views Matter?

Twitch is a fast-growing platform with numerous new users every single day. High engagement is essential on Twitch, just as it is on other platforms. Followers and views bring popularity, meaning that this platform can even become a job opportunity for great streamers. But, if you’re still wondering why you should boost your presence on Twitch, the reasons below are here to convince you:

  • Twitch statistics reveal that 511 billion minutes were watched on this platform just in 2021.
  • In quarter 4 of 2020, Twitch set another viewership record, with over 5.44 billion hours watched on this platform.
  • Twitch is not only a platform meant for entertainment. 45% of Twitch users said that they’re willing to purchase a product or a service, so they can belong to the community, and they can be a part of the experience.
  • Twitch is also a profitable platform that can turn out to be a career for the most successful streamers. So many people make money from Twitch, and you can be one of those after following our list of tips and getting professional help.
  • The Twitch affiliate program helps streamers earn a 5% revenue from the purchased products or services marketed on their channel. 
Help You Get Twitch Views

12 Tips To Help You Get Twitch Views

1. Pick The Right Games

If you don’t know how to get views on Twitch and need a strategy that will most likely work, you should play a game to stream, but make sure to find one trending.

Now, the secret is to pick suitable games. Since social media platforms are all about research, this time, you’ll need to go online and find out which are the trending games. You should still enjoy playing them, so pick the ones that tick both boxes.

Choosing the most popular games is smart, but make sure also to check the other streamers of the same game. If there are more than 20 other people with more followers than you, you will be facing strong competition. That’s why the safest choice is to opt for a game that is in the top 20 most popular, one that you love playing, but also that has fewer streamers or streamers with fewer followers than you.

2. Use Multiple Platforms

Cross-promoting on several platforms is always a good idea. The best streamers use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat to get more Twitch views. Learn from the professionals and start introducing your followers from other networks to your content on Twitch.

By promoting Twitch on other platforms, you’ll reach a brand-new audience. You can intrigue your followers by posting pictures and short videos from your streams, photos of your gaming equipment and games, and everything Twitch-related.

Invite your followers from other platforms to join you, encourage them to watch your streams, and let them know more about new stream sessions to boost their interest.

3. Make YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the best platforms to use to promote Twitch. This doesn’t mean that you should just upload random videos on YouTube with poor quality solely to advertise Twitch. Create valuable videos with a great title and a great thumbnail.

Also, do proper keyword research so that your content can rank high and attract more viewers. The videos should be educational, entertaining, and high-quality so that the viewers can benefit from your high scores, number of kills, or other game skills.

Finally, don’t forget to mention your Twitch channel and add a link in the video description. The more popular your YouTube videos are, the more people will watch your Twitch content.

4. Stick To A Schedule

One of the best ways to create a happy community is by posting consistently and sticking to a schedule. People won’t always follow your streams if you go online at random times and random days.

Even if you don’t have too many followers, make it your mission to capture their attention, and if they like your content, they will stick and even recommend your channel to others. Even the most popular Twitch users have a schedule they follow.

Announce the times when you’ll be streaming, and you’ll see that quite a lot of your followers will get used to the schedule and will tune in. If, by any chance, you’re not able to stream, let your followers know beforehand and let them know when the next session will happen. There is an extension on Twitch you can use to see when your next stream is and how long the followers have to wait.

5. Talk, Talk, Talk!

For so many people, talking to strangers is weird. Twitch is a platform where you need to talk to get more views. Streaming a game while being quiet brings no value to the people who are watching. You should be educational, help viewers learn from what you do, encourage them to ask questions, so you can answer them, talk more about your strategy, ask for feedback, greet the new viewers, thank your followers for subscribing, and let them know more about your next stream and streaming schedule.

If you’re nervous about talking, you should practice before you stream. It’s not a big deal, but it can be confusing the first few times. After that, it will be a habit that you’ll enjoy doing.

6. Use High-Quality Equipment

There is no doubt that streams with high-quality video and audio will help you get views on Twitch. Even before deciding to join this platform, you should get a camera and a microphone of decent quality. These don’t have to be the best on the market, but once you start growing, you should invest in better equipment.

If your stream has poor quality with a bad picture and the viewers can barely hear you, the chances are they won’t tune again. All of them will be there to learn something from you, but they won’t benefit if they can’t see a clear picture. Don’t forget that you also need a stable internet connection.

7. Ask For Professional Help

Buying Twitch followers is not a smart idea, but organically growing your views is! If you feel like you’ve tried most of the tips, but they haven’t done much for your channel, it might be time for professional help.

This is where Steamupgrade comes into action! We are the fastest Twitch growth service on the market that will help you connect with a faithful audience and organic fans. If you want to know how we do it, here’s a short explanation. We target a specific audience that is very likely to engage with your content. The Mother/Child method we use will do most of the work on your part, getting in touch and attracting new followers every day.

This is not the typical Twitch viewers bot strategy that so many streamers fall for. Bots are fake, meaning they don’t bring any value to your channel. Instead, we use AI technology and algorithms that will target the ideal demographics for your channel. You shouldn’t be afraid of losing views and follows after some time because the new audience brought by us will be there to stay.

If you want to learn more about our packages, get free trial days, and learn what customers have to say, make sure you check what we offer. 

8. Create Great Twitch Overlays

Visually appealing overlays will increase your channel views. People value quality over quantity, so all the streams you do should be planned to perfection, starting with video, audio, and overlays. Designing an overlay doesn’t take too much time or effort.

There are also numerous free overlays that you can use to improve the experience for the viewers. The overlay should include the handles to your other social media platforms, a chat box for the followers, the subscribe button, and other useful widgets.

9. Build a Website

Building a website sounds complicated, but it’s an excellent trick to boost your live viewers. Once you have the website, install the Twitch Live plugin so that all your viewers know when you’re doing a stream.

If you’re serious about your Twitch presence, you should think of your channel as a business with large growth potential. Together with your other socials, this website can bring so much audience and make you a popular Twitch streamer. You should also use it to post content regarding new games, valuable tactics, tricks, list your favorites, post guides, and more.

If you’re not ready to create a website, you can collaborate with other websites. Get in touch with them and offer to create valuable content if they link your channel.

10. Host Giveaways

Giveaways are another trick that you can try to boost your overall engagement. This can be a small amount for numerous viewers or several larger gifts for a few of your viewers. Giveaways attract new audiences, but it’s up to you to keep them coming back to the channel with creative content. You don’t want your new viewers and followers to leave the channel once the giveaway is over.

This is not a long-term solution, and it can get costly. That’s why you shouldn’t practice it too often.

11. Collaborate With Other Streamers

Collaboration is another form of cross-promotion that can be pretty useful. Get in touch with other streamers and let them know that you want to co-stream. These can be streamers with a similar following as you, smaller ones, or even bigger ones if they accept.

Many beginners decide to co-stream with their friends and notice an influx of followers and viewers after the stream. Your schedule and the schedule of your co-streamer shouldn’t interfere. That’s how you’ll be able to raid their session, and they’ll be able to join yours without missing a scheduled stream for your followers. Aside from playing a game, you can also do challenges or put different strategies into action.

12. Use Reddit

A portion of your next potential audience might be hiding somewhere on Reddit. Reddit is a fantastic place to connect with people. Start looking for discussions where you can answer questions or give valuable feedback.

Mention your streams whenever you can or add your social media handles so that people can find you and join your channels.


How to get viewers on Twitch? This mega-popular platform is all about great engagement, and great engagement means more views! Because there is no secret recipe for instant fame, you have to produce quality content and be recognized as a great streamer.

Some of the tips that you can do to increase your viewership is to set up a posting schedule, equip yourself with a good camera and microphone to produce a great picture and voice, set up a website, collaborate with other streamers, host giveaways, cross-promote on other social media platforms, and choose the right games. 

Finally, if all of these tips are not bringing enough views, ask for professional help! Good luck on your way to becoming a Twitch sensation. 

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