Ways of Improving Your Twitch Stream


Gone are the days when viewers were forced to wait for the video to load, ruining the entire streaming experience. Now is the time of exceptional streaming quality.

Do you know video start failures are down by 33%, buffering by 41%, and picture quality has improved up to 25%? Now, if you are still facing issues in creating high-quality live streams, it’s time to buckle up and make some technical changes to your video content.

You might have the best gaming techniques and moves up your sleeves, but you lose big time if you do not offer professional production value to your viewers.

Learn how to improve your Twitch stream to attain an incomprehensible level of perfection.

Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Twitch Stream

1.      Use Proper Placement for Your Mic

For Twitch streaming, you need to provide the best audio quality to your viewers; after all, your voice will connect them to your content. First of all, you will need a good-quality microphone. You can find a wide yet impressive variety of webcams and microphones in the market.

Secondly, you will need to follow the proper microphone placement and settings. For settings, use a cardioid pick-up pattern, which will allow you to lower the unwanted background noises for better audible vocals. To reach smooth and pleasant sound quality for your audience, you should set up the volume features so that you have an average sound level. Keep the gain knob at such a level that it won’t trigger the red lights, which can cause clipping or distortion issues. Lastly, go to the audio settings in OBS or Split and test how your audio sounds, including noise levels, echo, and volume.

Now for placement, you need to place your microphone so it won’t pick up unnecessary background noises and disturbances.

Place your microphone roughly 6 to 12 inches away from your face for ideal results. This reduces the “plosives” or popping sounds when you say ”p” and ”t” words. Remember never to speak directly into the capsule of your microphone, and make sure your microphone points at a 45-degree angle toward your mouth.

2.      Improve Your Equipment

Improve Your Equipment

Fortunately or unfortunately, we are the generation who loves to enjoy their videos in HD quality only. If you offer something lower, your viewers will likely get bored quickly.

To become a top-level streamer, you will need professional-grade equipment at all costs. You are not supposed to spend a hefty amount on a top-notch streaming PC, but moving forward from your computer’s microphone and the camera is sure to make a huge difference.

For professional broadcasting, full HD or 4K cameras are the best. They provide better stream quality at a higher resolution and give more apparent results than mobile phones.

Webcams like the Logitech C922 and BRIO offer the incredible resolution of up to 1080p, frame rates of up to 60 fps, and practical features like autofocus for crystal-clear, high-definition gaming. Whereas for USB microphones, you can go for Yeti and Snowball Series. They are simple, affordable, and give excellent results.

If your original recording is not up to the mark, there is significantly less to improve your streaming quality.

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3.      Learn Useful Lighting and Camera Techniques

Video recording or streaming lighting can give your content a 360° change. It can go from depressing, low-quality content to a more engaging eye-catching piece on the internet in just a matter of time, all thanks to the lighting.

Set up a well-lit professional video setup to avoid poor production. You don’t have to invest in studio-grade lights only for astounding results. You can even utilize the daylight and sit by the window while streaming.

Or you can add LED light strips, desk lamps, or anything that will make your face and surroundings look clearer. Place a light behind the camera or add lights to the side of the camera. Just remember to keep the foreground brighter than your background.

Another thing you can do is to set the camera in the right direction. Keep it at your eye level. Whether you keep the camera in a zoomed-in position or wish to show off your setup with a wider shot, make sure everything is well presented and looks appealing.

4.      Use a Stream Controller

If you plan to go big on Twitch, then it’s best to use a stream controller. Stream controller allows you to enjoy better control over your stream. From switching between scenes, triggering sound effects, adding overlays, muting mics, or executing other actions, you can do everything with a single button.

Stream controllers range in price, but you don’t always have to invest in the Elgato Stream deck only to cherish realistic results. For starters, any streaming controller can do the job. There are even free options available as well. If you are using Streamlabs OBS, you can go for Streamlabs Deck; for regular OBS, go for Touch Portal or Stream Deck Mobile.

Stream controller streamlines your workflow and allows you to expand your creative possibilities ten folds.

5.      Add Some Stream Alerts

Common stream alerts help promote important events to your viewers and allow you to better connect with your audience. You can create an alert that appears whenever you are about to start a game or when you announce a new challenge etc.

The best thing about these alerts is that you can customize them to match your stream’s aesthetics. There are numerous engaging stream alert templates online, or you can create your personalized templates at OBS or XSplit.

Just set up your account, and then you are good to add specially customized alerts to your stream.


As a streamer on Twitch, producing quality streams is your most powerful key to success. Our suggested ways explore how to improve your Twitch stream quality, whether you want to build a community and get popular or stream to earn money on Twitch.

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