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Every streamer’s dream is to ultimately become a Twitch Partner. It might not sound grand, but it does have a lot of perks.

Read on to learn what is a Twitch Partner and how to be a Twitch Partner. 

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What Is a Twitch Partner and What Are the Benefits of Becoming One?

Being a Twitch Partner is a status symbol. It is an exclusive invite-only membership for the best broadcasters on the platform.

When Twitch awards the Partner status to a streamer, it comes with loads of benefits, too. This is mainly the reason why broadcasters aim to reach this coveted rank.

Here are the bonuses that come with the Partner status:

1. Monetization

Broadcasters go on Twitch mainly to make a living out of streaming live videos. Because, what’s more fulfilling than earning money while doing what you love?

Twitch rewards these outstanding streamers by providing them a way to earn more income just by doing their thing. The platform provides 3 avenues to generate more revenue:

  • Ads

Only Twitch Partners get this income-generating opportunity.

Similar to how YouTubers earn money in their respective platform, Twitch Partners can also earn revenue through the ads that are streamed on their channel.

Partners have control over how long the ads will be, how frequent, and when they will be played.

Then Partners get paid a flat-rate price per 1000 ad views. The price varies depending on the time of the year. Gaming companies fork out more during the holiday season and near the end of a quarter.

  • Channel subscriptions

Twitch users get the option to avail themselves of a monthly subscription to a Partner’s channel. There are currently 3 subscription tiers available: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99. Amazon Prime users also have the option to subscribe to one streamer every month without additional fees.

Partners earn 50% of these monthly subscription fees, while the other half goes to Twitch. More famous streamers earn a bigger percentage than that, sometimes even all of it.

  • Bits

Twitch Bits are similar to donations. They come in the form of purchasable animated emoticons. When Bits are used in the streamer’s chat, the streamer earns revenue from it. Getting 100 Bits in the chat converts to $1 added to the streamer’s account.

Being a Partner gives the streamer the freedom to customize and design the Cheermotes (also known as Cheer Bits) and Bit Badges that appear in his/her chat. This personal touch entices viewers and chat participants to own and use these Bits.

2. Exclusive Features

As a Partner, the streamer gets special features without needing to pay for them. These features and services greatly aid in helping their Twitch channel grow.

  • Channel customization

Partners have the freedom to create custom badges, emoticons, Cheermotes, Bit badges, and Bits reward emotes. This will help their channel stand out from other channels.

  • Dedicated support

Partners have a dedicated Partner Help team that is ready to cater to their needs. They immediately get replies within just 1 to 2 business days.

  • Guaranteed HD streaming

Non-partnered channels only get limited video transcodes, depending on the available capacity. Partners, on the other hand, have priority over the bandwidth and will always have guaranteed high-quality video streaming for their broadcasts.

  • Stream delay

Broadcasters are usually streaming games on their channel. Having the option to add a delay to the live stream prevents “stream-sniping” and guarantees fairness in the gameplay.

  • VOD extras

Past broadcasts can be stored on the channel for people to watch. Partners can keep their VODs for up to 60 days, rather than just the usual 14 days.

  • Free lifetime subscriptions

Partners can request up to 3-lifetime channel subscriptions that they can award to any user. The lifetime subscription holder is entitled to all the benefits of a paid subscriber without needing to pay the monthly fee.

Partners are also awarded 2-lifetime channel subscriptions to use for their chosen chatbots. This lets the bots do their work without restrictions. They can also display exclusive channel emotes for all the users to see and covet.

  • Partner-only opportunities

Twitch regularly hosts promotional events that will help Partners become more famous. 

How to get partnered on Twitch?

The 2 main requirements to get a Twitch Partnership is:

1. Become a Twitch Affiliate.

2. Excel at being a broadcaster.

Qualified streamers may send in an application and wait for the results.

If your Twitch Partnership Application doesn’t get approved, don’t immediately apply again.

Just do your best to create an awesome channel. Let a few months pass. This will give enough time for the improvements to reflect on your channel stats.

Then try again. 

How Does Twitch Review a Partnership Application?

The Partnership Program is the home of the elite. Only the best broadcasters are invited to be part of it. These are the streamers who are setting the standards for quality content on the platform.

To assess the broadcasters’ quality, Twitch evaluates channels based on these 3 aspects:

1. Content

Broadcasters must have outstanding or original content that makes their stream unique and entertaining. Aside from having great content, the stream should also abide by the rules of the community guidelines and Twitch’s Terms of Service.

2. Stream frequency

Twitch looks for dedicated broadcasters who stream at least three days a week. This ensures that the channel is active and consistently provides content for its viewers.

3. Average concurrent viewership

A high number of consistent concurrent viewers is a good indicator of a channel’s success. Twitch regards the streams which have a constant 70-80 viewers better than those that have a fluctuating viewership of 2-200.

These aren’t hard-set rules, merely guidelines that will help you in achieving Partner status on Twitch. 

In conclusion

Since getting a Twitch Partnership is by invite only, the most you can do is to do your best in growing your channel and hope that Twitch acknowledges and awards your efforts.

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