How to Make Your Own Gaming Twitch Logo

Making a logo for Twitch is an essential part of becoming a popular streamer. However, the process can be daunting due to some new rules and regulations and the wide range of customizations that come with the platform. Fortunately, creating a logo is not difficult with the right tips, advice, and design elements. This article covers how to make a logo for Twitch at any budget and skill level. Furthermore, the article will cover tips on what your logo needs and how to go about it.

Ways to Create a Gaming Twitch Logo

There are multiple ways to create a gaming Twitch logo for your streaming channel. Here are some of them.

Using Logo Makers

You can use Twitch logo makers to create the perfect logo. These logo makers are platforms that you can use to generate logos. Furthermore, you can customize these logos to your liking.  It is the easiest, quickest, most affordable option out there. With this method, you will learn how to make a Twitch logo for free. The best part is that you can create a logo in just a few minutes.

While this option comes with ease and affordability, it might be the best option for some people. This is because these generated streamer logos are based on thousands of templates and, therefore, lack originality. So, if you want your logo to stand out, you might need to consider another option. Additionally, some logo makers do not have branding features like banners.


If you have the skills to create your own logo, why not go for it? Creating your channel logo gives you the artistic liberty to construct something you would like. However, before you start working on the logo, the process is more complex than it sounds. You need to consider the fact that designing isn’t just about having some drawing skills.

Designing demands a specific skill set and is not as simple as general art. So, if you want to create your own logo, you need to understand how logo design works, and you should also have knowledge of which software to use to make your idea a reality.

Working with Design Agencies

Working with a design agency is the priciest option, but you do get your money’s worth out of it. Most design agencies consist of professional designers, strategists, and marketers. Therefore, a design agency has what it takes to completely oversee your brand, ranging from content strategy, target audience research, copywriting, and of course, your logo design. That said, you should be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on the services of these agencies.

Working with Logo Designers

There are numerous online marketplaces where you can source for freelancers to create your logo for you. Some platforms, such as, were specifically made for freelance designers. On the other hand, marketplaces such as Upwork have freelancers with various skill sets, including logo designing. Regardless of what platform you choose to use, you will find a designer to get the job done.

The best part about hiring a freelancer is the flexibility that comes with it. First, you get a variety of options, where you can look through designers’ portfolios and decide what you like, then reach out to the designer and negotiate prices and turnaround time. After this process, you can create a space where you can make payments and receive your Twitch logo designs securely.

Similar to creating your own logo, using a freelancer means that you can make a design that is tailored to what your brand is about. Lastly, the price for the logo design varies, but you should be spending anywhere ranging from hundreds to a few thousand dollars.

What Makes a Good Twitch Logo?

What Makes a Good Twitch Logo?

Creating a good Twitch Logo is essential to maintaining your brand and standing out among the rest. So, here are a few features that make for a good Twitch Logo.


Your logo is going to be viewed in a lot of places with various devices and screen sizes. Hence, you need to create a logo that is easy to view regardless of the size of the screen, and it should be agile enough that you can easily adjust it to any size of your choice.

Easy to Remember

Most Twitch users spend an average of 2 hours on the platform daily. Therefore, in order to attract them to your channel daily, you need to create a logo that they will remember easily.


The goal is to stand out as much as possible. In most cases, it is best not to follow what the masses are doing. So, if you notice that similar online streamers are using a specific color or design, it is best to steer clear and do something dissimilar to that.


As mentioned earlier, it is not always the best idea to follow what is currently trending or what is popular because these trends come and go. When these trends go, they become irrelevant. Thus, it would be best if you aimed to create a spectacular logo that can withstand the test of time.

Tips to Design Your Gaming Twitch Logo

Knowing how to design a Twitch logo is essential to ensure your success on the platform. Therefore, here are some tips you can use to ensure your logo is all that it needs to be.

Understand Your Audience

You shouldn’t just pick random bright colors and designs for your logo. It is best to be intentional about what you want your logo to look like. This means taking time to figure out what you think your future subscribers would be interested in, from the content they would like to see to the genre of their favorite games. By incorporating these features in your logo, you are one step closer to growing your Twitch account correctly.

Select a Significant Icon

Premium icons are the best way to send a message without actually using words—for example, the Twitch icon. By looking at the icon, you can immediately tell that the platform allows you to watch live streams and chat at the same time. You should also aim to tell a story pertinent to your channel using your logo. You can even use abstract shape icons as long as it relates to your brand.

Fonts and Color Schemes Matter

The color of your logo has a psychological impact on your audience, and you need to take note of that. You must select colors that are easily noticed and look appealing to the audience. You should consider mixing a dark shade with a light color to give your logo a distinct look. That said, you shouldn’t be using more than three colors, as that could ruin the aesthetic of your logo.

Fancy fonts look great, but are they readable? You do not have to use text when creating your logo, but if you choose to, ensure it is readable by using a practical style and size.

Consider Your Banner

Your logo should typically come with a banner, and it is shown on your Twitch profile. The optimal profile banner size should be 1200 x 480 px, which is a lot of space. However, it is best not to fill it up with unnecessary content. Your banner should be an extension of your logo, meaning there should have similar colors. This cohesiveness is essential to solidifying your brand and ensuring your Twitch channel succeeds.


Twitch is a major platform for game streamers to share their gaming experience with their audience. Due to the popularity of this platform, the competition is stiff, and you need to do all you can to grow your Twitch channel organically. One significant way of achieving that is a fantastic logo. Hopefully, you can use the tips and tricks to take your channel to the next level using your Twitch logo.

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