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Gaming never felt this exciting as it is now. Building communities, learning from expert gamers, and showing off your gaming skills to the world via live sessions are just some of the perks to list here. Ever since the world got home-bound, these gaming platforms have become a trustworthy source of entertainment, leading to over thirty million daily active users (DAU) on Twitch only.

Twitch will surely be your haven on earth if you are a gaming nerd. To spice up matters, Twitch is constantly introducing new features for more excitement and fun. Twitch Chat is one of such exciting features we were talking about. It creates an unfiltered connection between the streamers and their followers while watching the live sessions.

However, streamers have to ensure that these chat messages remain free of hate speech or profanities that can ruin the experience of other viewers. Therefore, it’s essential to regulate Twitch chat logs now and then.

Today we will illustrate how to check Twitch chat logs, entire chat history, and much more. So let’s get started.

What Are Chat Logs on Twitch?

Twitch chat logs are just like the Direct Messaging feature on other apps that displays a broadcast’s entire Twitch chat history. It is a written record of all the interactions on chat messages. It was initially designed for gamers to interact with other players while playing.

Streamers now use it to strengthen their bond with their viewers and get their first-hand reactions. Just beside the stream window, you can find a vertical bar of a chat box that facilitates chatting while streaming. It allows viewers to interact directly with the streamer and the other viewers and develop online communities of millions of like-minded people.

Do not confuse Twitch logs with Twitch Streams (VOD); they are different. Check out our post on How to save streams on Twitch for better insight.

Reasons to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Regulating Twitch chat logs offer great benefits for streamers. Some of the top reasons that make checking Twitch chat logs mandatory are:

  • Modulate inappropriate remarks
    Usually, regulating the comments in the chat box is not possible during streaming. Therefore the streamers have to check them later for any inappropriate remarks, arguments, or hateful comments against the platform’s regulations. Doing this is very important, otherwise, Twitch will charge you for allowing such a ruckus on your channel.
  • Assess audience reaction
    A streamer could not succeed until his audience enjoyed his content. Viewing the chats allows you to know their authentic live reactions. Besides, the comments appear anonymously, so people do not shy away from expressing their true opinions. It gives you an idea of what the audience likes and wishes to see.
  • Get greater insights
    Chat logs are great for knowing what type of people are engaging with your content and whom you need to focus on in the future. You can even ask specific questions and opinions on a certain topic and analyze the user feedback to plan your content around their answers.
  • Assess the moderator’s actions
    Chat moderators often ban or delete comments to maintain a healthy environment in your channel chat. But at times, even they can make a wrong decision. Reviewing the conversations allows you to decide whether the action taken was justified.

Checking Twitch Chat Logs

Now that you know how important it is to check your Twitch chat logs, let’s learn how you can check them practically. Streamers and their moderators can check Twitch logs by users. There are several ways, including the following.

Easy Steps on How to Check Twitch Chat Logs via Search Function

The Twitch special user search command is designed to search a viewer using their username. Plus, it’s as simple as putting their name in the chatbox. The search function shows the users you have banned or timed out earlier.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Sign in to your Twitch account.
  • Open up your channel and let your chat room load.
  • In the search function of the chat box, type /user. For example: ‘/goofyteddy103’
  • Press the Enter key.

Now all the comments left by that specific user in your chat will start appearing along with the following information:

  • Account age
  • The time they have been following you.
  • The number of messages left by them.
  • The number of times they were banned.
  • Mods’ comments about them.

Easy Steps on How to Check Twitch Chat Logs via Third-Party Software

Unfortunately, Twitch does not allow entire chat logs for reviewing without using a third-party app. But with third-party apps, you can download the entire chat logs, save them locally, and check the data offline.

The most sought-after third-party app is “Chatty.” It is open-source Java-based software that offers a range of features to keep strong control over your entire chat history. It is a great way to back up all your data in the simplest way.

Just download and install the program and activate the bot. It will link to your Twitch account and start backing up your chats. For alternatives, you can use Nightbot or Streamlabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitch Chat Logs

Is it possible to check a chat history?

Twitch does not keep the entire chat history. It does keep your stream VODs for about 14 to 60 days before deleting them permanently. Therefore, you can access the chat logs and VODs until they are achieved.

Can you check chat logs using chatbots?

Yes, chatbots like Nightbot allows viewing chat logs via chatbots. Their handy features include customizable commands, chat moderation, and chat logs. These bots are legal for individual use but avoid posting information online as it is against Twitch’s privacy policies.

How can a viewer check Twitch chat logs?

Unfortunately, viewers are not able to check the chat logs on a channel; only the streamers and their mods can access them. If you want to see your messages, ask the mods to send you the part of the chat you are interested in.


Twitch chat boxes are essential for streamers to get honest feedback, interact with their viewers, and clear out any confusion. These chat boxes help sort out a problem in an instant. Use our above-explained methods to store your chats and access specific users directly.

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