How to Get a Verified Badge On Twitch

Verification on any platform, like Twitch, can be challenging but at the same time very beneficial. This can boost your profile, earnings, and show how important you are as a member streaming on Twitch. Many players’ ultimate objective is to obtain a special purple octagon with a checkmark, which is allocated to verified Twitch participants.

This purple octagon reflects authentication and a badge available exclusively to Twitch Partner. Certain requirements must be met in order to get it, so let us take a closer look at how you can get your badge.

How Do You Get Badges on Twitch?

Twitch has a plethora of diverse badges. Some are simpler to procure than others. Among the badges are the chat badge, the broadcaster badge, the moderator and admin badges, and so on. A follower can receive a chat badge simply by subscribing to your channel. 

These badges come in a variety of colors and shapes and are shown right after the user’s name. All badges are valuable to the platform, but the verification badge is the most prestigious one. That purple octagon is important for your future earnings and raises your chances of success.

Get a Verified Badge On Twitch

How to Get Verified on Twitch?

Verification on Twitch entails becoming a partner and receiving the verification badge. While this can seem hard, it is feasible if you obey community rules, terms of service and put in enough effort. 

Before you even consider becoming a partner, keep in mind that you must first achieve affiliate status. This is very easy, and you would be automatically included in the affiliate program if you: 

  • Have more than 7 streams in the last month;
  • Stream for more than 500 minutes; and
  • Have at least 50 followers and 3 viewers on average.

How to Become Twitch Partner?

After being an affiliate member, you can pursue a partnership. This mission can be more difficult to complete, and all the requirements mentioned must be met:

  1. Stream for more than 25 hours in the last 30 days;
  2. Stream on 12 unique broadcasting days; 
  3. Have more than 75 viewers.

As you can see, success is largely determined by perseverance and willingness to learn and adapt. But never underestimate the influence of social media and how Twitch Growth Service can assist you in reaching your objectives. We have a free trial and some amazing promotion packages to take your Twitch account to a whole new level. You can get to your target audience, gain followers and viewers, and ultimately get your account verified much faster than when using only your own efforts.

Apply for Twitch partner badge

Unlike affiliate status, which is granted immediately, becoming a Twitch partner and receiving the verification badge requires you to submit an application. You should only do this after you have met all of the prior criteria. All applications are evaluated individually by the Twitch staff, and not all are accepted. Fortunately, you can always reapply and try again.

How to Manage Badges on Twitch?

You want to show off your verification badge now that you have obtained it. All badges are located on your dashboard, where you can find preferences. In the subscription section, you can find all loyalty badges where you can select the one you want. That purple octagon would look amazing and confirm you are one of the verified partners.

Finally, Twitch is an incredible platform to reach large audiences and earn a living doing what you love. Creators who put in the effort, recognize the influence of other social networks, and devote their resources to creating high-quality content are more likely to be verified. 

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