If you love games and also love watching your favorite streamers play those games, then we’ve got good news for you!

Twitch, the famous game-streaming site, has a running partnership campaign with game developers called, Twitch Drops. This program enables game devs to reward streamers and game enthusiasts while promoting their games on the platform.

Get to know what are Twitch Drops in this short article. And, more importantly, learn how to claim Twitch Drops to get cool rewards and valuable items in-game, and when you’re done check out our other Twitch guides:

What Are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops is a rewards system on the game streaming platform, Twitch. Just from watching game streams, viewers are awarded Drops of exclusive rewards like in-game cosmetic items and even legendary items.

Twitch Drops rewards vary depending on the game developers. The mechanics are also dictated by the devs. So, reading the rules to get individual Drops is a must.

There are two types of Drops mechanics available on the site: mission-based Drops and time-based Drops. They differ in the method of gaining your rewards.

Mission-based Drop

Mission-based Drops are campaigns that are based on the streamer’s accomplishments. Once the streamer finishes certain missions or milestones in the game, the Drops will then be available for the viewers to claim.

Time-based Drop

Time-based Drops are campaigns that rely on the viewers. You, as the viewer, will need to watch a participating stream for the duration dictated by the game devs. Usually, the longer you watch, the more rewards you can claim. 

How Do Drops Work on Twitch?

To be able to get Drop rewards, we first need to understand how do Twitch Drops work. So, here are the mechanics:

Drops are available in participating Twitch streamers’ channels. You can determine if they are eligible by looking at the stream with Drops Enabled tag. A Drops callout is also displayed at the top of the channel chat. Simply click the downward arrow to reveal the rules on how to get a Drop.

The Drops are awarded after the task required by the game developers has been accomplished. The Drops must be claimed within the campaign period or they will expire. So, don’t forget to claim Drops in your Inventory.

You can only earn Drops from one streamer channel at a time. It doesn’t work to have multiple tabs of different streamers open to farm Drops.

How to Receive Twitch Drops?

Follow these simple steps to get Drops on Twitch:

1. Under the Browse category, look for a game or a channel page that has the turquoise Drops sign or Drops Enabled tag.

Alternatively, enter “drops enabled” in the Twitch search bar to easily narrow down the results.

2. Click the drops-enabled game or an eligible stream channel.

3. Navigate to the streamer’s channel and click the link to the game developer’s site.

4. Once you’re on the game page, link your Twitch account to your game account (create a game account if you don’t have one yet).

5. After the accounts are linked together, go back to the Twitch stream and follow the instructions to get Drops. It could be as simple as watching the stream or waiting for the streamer to finish game missions or milestones.

6. You will get a notification on Twitch when you are already eligible to claim your loot. Hit the Claim button in the chat notification or your Drops Inventory.

You can also look at your campaign status in the Drops Inventory. This is very useful for checking if Drops are already available to claim and what task you still need to finish to get a Drop.

Do these steps to navigate to your Drops Inventory page:

1. Click your profile photo in the upper right corner.

2. On the drop-down menu, choose Drops.

3. Your Inventory holds all In Progress campaigns and claimed Drops rewards that you have collected over time.

How Often do Twitch Drops Happen?

Game developers usually run Drops campaigns during a game launch or special events. So, if there’s a new one coming out soon, be sure to check for campaign schedules on Twitch.

You can view upcoming campaigns by visiting the All Campaigns tab located beside your Drops Inventory tab.

Be on the lookout for Fortnite, Lost Ark, and Rust Twitch Drops campaigns that regularly run to get exciting prizes in these popular games.

Final thoughts

Isn’t it amazing how you can just watch your favorite content creator to get awesome game rewards?

The Drops campaign is a clever and fun marketing strategy. It offers game perks and Twitch growth to game streamers and supporters, while also promoting the dev’s games on the platform. It’s a win-win situation for all.

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