do twitch mods get paid

Behind every successful streamer on Twitch, the unsung heroes, a.k.a moderators, keep the chats flowing in the right direction. They facilitate the streamers to keep trolls and annoying people out of the chat boxes, ensuring that the streamer has the best session. Of course, anyone can become a moderator. You must have wondered, “Do twitch mods get paid?”

Unfortunately, the channel moderators are not often paid for their valuable services. The reasons are simple: not all Twitch streamers earn enough to pay them, and some don’t wish to pay as these moderators get changed quickly.

Let’s take a deeper dig into this matter.

Who Are Twitch Channel Moderators?

Who Are Twitch Channel Moderators?

Twitch is a platform with millions of active users, watching and commenting their opinions in the chat boxes whenever you stream. It is where you need moderators. They are the Twitch users with a green sword icon next to their name. They keep a check to ensure no ethical guidelines are crossed. They monitor and delete the chats that go against the streamers’ rules and Twitch community guidelines. These channel moderators get access to special chat modes, which is Mod View from where they take work, i.e., viewing requests to get unban, priority tasks for the streamers, etc.

Every streamer sets their unique rules available in their chat room. The moderators delete the message to an extent and then give time out. Their final act is to ban the spammers and trollers. It helps streamers avoid constant disturbance from the same user. This feature is quite handy, especially when big streamers have a huge fan following as well as haters and trollers who could ruin their stream sessions.

There can be human moderators or automated bots. Automated bots are a good option but cannot combat spam and rule-breaking messages.

Being a good moderator is one of the challenges streamers encounter. Therefore they prefer recruiting their fans. Some even recruit their mods on Reddit and Twitter, the two most popular platforms among Twitch streamers. Some streamers go to the extent of hiring more than five human moderators because one moderator works with several streamers. It allows streamers to have at least one moderator available during their streaming time.

Do Twitch Mods Get Paid?

A very few moderators are lucky enough to get paid for their moderating services. Most smaller to medium streamers hire only moderators from their audience, people who visit their stream daily and engage with the community. As we talk about large streamers with thousands of subscribers, they sometimes do pay their moderators. It is to ensure their chat rooms are clear of irrelevant content and their stream content is delivered without distraction.

Do Twitch Mods Get Paid for Major Channels?

Many Twitch streamers do not pay their moderate because they cannot afford to pay. When we talk about major channels with thousands of viewers, a streamer may pay Twitch moderators for help. However, they are not officially bound to pay. Some famous Twitch streamers still reward their moderators with free subs, mercy, and gift cards. Major channels like Pokaimane, Ninja, and Ludwig give their moderators a great chance to earn.

Ninja: A post on Reddit revealed that Ninja paid $50 for each stream. What we think is a good amount for just watching and monitoring some chats. Therefore paying $50 is nothing for Ninja.

Ludwig, the most remarkable streamer, paid $5000 a day when completing his 31-day Subathon. His stream was live 24/7. His total reached $170,000 at the end of 31 days.

Nickmerrc’s payment details are not known, but it is said that he does pay his moderators.

Cohh, on the other hand, asked his viewers to donate directly to his moderators.

Usually, most of the moderators are not paid by their streamers, but sometimes a small percentage of the mercy sales is offered to them. And sometimes, in-game items are also provided.

Average Twitch Mod Earnings

The average mod earning is likely to be $0 for most moderators. Mods will need other gigs to be successful enough to gain some money. You will have to talk to the streamer to let them know that you are also available for other services. Whereas if you are a streamer wondering if you should pay your mods or not, consider your earnings and channel size. If you are still struggling, take assistance from a reputable partner like Steamupgrade and grow your followers organically. We have summarized some excellent tips and tricks to grow your following and expand your reach. Once you have developed an audience, your chances of earning more will also increase.

Do Twitch Mods Get Free Subs?

Some streamers often gift free subs to their Twitch mids for assistance during their stream on Twitch. On the contrary, a mod needs to reserve a channel to show their dedication to the streams. Usually, streamers pick mods who participate actively in chats, follow the rules, are frequent donors, and have remained committed to the channel for a long.

Streamers prefer mods who would understand their working strategies and rules well because modding the wrong person can cause severe damage to their channel.

Should Twitch Streamers Pay Twitch Mods?

Twitch mods cannot claim a payment every time because it is not an official job. Viewers take this responsibility voluntarily to promote their favorite streamers and facilitate them. The situation might seem odd here, but moderators consider it a privilege to mod on behalf of their favorite streamers. They have the complete freedom to leave if they don’t want to work for free.

How to Become a Twitch Mod?

Interested in becoming a Twitch moderator, you must become an attentive regular viewer and participate enthusiastically in all streaming sessions. It is because streamers select people they know and are active on their channel. Be the contributor and, if possible, keep the streamer engaged in chats. Display some maturity and show some moderating skills on the channel.

How Can Twitch Mods Make Money? 

Becoming a Twitch moderator for a big streamer is a huge achievement, and if you have managed to become one, let’s see how you can make money from the other ways. First, you will have to gain their complete trust and attention.

Once you have done that, offer them the following services:

  1. Creating attractive YouTube thumbnails.
  2. Managing their YouTube clips channel.
  3. Editing YouTube videos.
  4. Managing their other social media accounts.

Get creative here and offer as many talents as possible, along with quality professional services. The best example is Orionv7, a syndicates editor working on several streams. If you get lucky and thrive here, you can take it to the next level of a full-time job.

Check our post on how to make money on Twitch for a detailed guide.


Do mods get paid on Twitch is the most asked question ever. We hope that now you have a sure answer. Being a Twitch moderator is a great title to hold. The fun gets doubled when you get to earn some money through it. But don’t become the Twitch moderator for the sake of money; do it because you enjoy it. Your dedication and quality services will give you more opportunities with popular streamers on the platform.

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